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  1. Certainly getting a lot worse under labor as time goes on. I think the energy minister was called Blackout Bill from memory..

  2. Underground power is much more reliable that power poles. But with the excess load comment WP will load shed (turn off customers if the load is too high). They will command industry to reduce power first then commercial and final residential (don’t want to upset the voters). They will keep the hospitals on. So if you don’t want to loose power live next to a hospital. This load shedding usually only happens in heat waves with all the AC running. They also change the price of electricity for industrial and commercial customers as shown on that link above, so some will shutdown so they don’t pay the excessive peak loading costs.

  3. well we just got shut down again, 3rd night in a row, no other suburbs affected according to the website, starting to feel like they are taking the piss

  4. the one time I tried windsurfing I got shanked by one, not a problem where I surf though cause they don't hang out around the reefs

  5. she could really do some good if she wasn't such a clown, D&A testing should be mandatory for politicians

  6. what? I'm talking about drug and alcohol testing cause she is clearly off her tits

  7. started taking my niece out when she was that age, we just paddled around the inside sandbar catching fat reforms, avoid anything that looks dredgey even if it's 1ft

  8. What’s the throttle like on that thing? Is it a ball gag?

  9. Do you have any solutions Saying spend the surplus on new houses isn’t the answer

  10. they could definitely make the housing market less appealing to investors, the stock market should be for investing, not homes

  11. surfline in my area is completely wrong 90% of the time, fuck surfline

  12. That’s good, unless you like surfing with everyone else in your town

  13. it's not real good when it's overstating the conditions all the time

  14. It's the trade people pay for that are too lazy to buy a ladder and put on some gloves 🪜🧤

  15. the setup at deserts is pretty fickle you'll be waiting around for the tides more than anything else, but I've surfed it in august and wind wasn't an issue though the trades will kick in strong mid morning but die off over the day, trying to line up perfect conditions at raw spots like this really comes down to luck, so good luck

  16. We will be traveling with an intermediate friend, if it’s too heavy for him is there another spot nearby?

  17. not too sure about that one I was on a charter and I think we dropped anchor one night in bangko but we didn't explore the reefs around there.

  18. without a distraction what else is there apart from the LNP agenda of embezzling the countries public assets

  19. A strong economy, strong border and cheaper cost of living

  20. that was their distraction last time, don't think it'll work again with how it turned out

  21. everyone's got their own technique but I wouldn't leave them whole unless you're in a really dry climate, you really don't want it staying super wet for too many days or it'll affect the taste/quality.

  22. In perth, weather isnt too bad atm, kinda perfect drying weather, i have cut them up a bit, but not too much

  23. not too bad weather yeah the RH will spike up overnights tho, first few days I really like to try and get as much excess moisture out as possible then slow the process down for the rest of the dry/cure, less risk of mould or unwanted funkyness

  24. Someone said, “sharks are like cats, they always try to sneak up on you when they attack”, any truth to that beyond this?

  25. I'm sold on the use of mimicry as a deterrent, always use eye stickers on the bottom of the board, it's some piece of mind at least, especially when surfing some remote spots around west aus

  26. Moth and butterflies do it. I'm just not sure sharks can see well enough to make out eyes. They probably just see a silhouette. At the same time, can't hurt to slap some stickers on there.

  27. they say GWS have got pretty good eyesight and much different behaviour if they think they're being watched so yeah it seemed worth it to me, not sure if it would be effective for every species like tigers and bulls have different feeding habits probably

  28. When there’s a fatality on a mine you would be the first to blame the company. When the company introduces ways to make the work place safer, you complain about infringement of rights.

  29. Testing for trace amounts of someone's medication does not make the workplace safer.

  30. at least they are advertising their stupidity, if only more people would.

  31. Most (but not all) Aussie Journo's dont cut bad guys any slack. ABC has some of the best Journos in the world. No B.S. and straight to the point. Look him right in the eyes too.

  32. what is this alternate reality, most aussie journos these days have the backbone of a jellyfish

  33. what?, you don't think we should have a power station, the UK have had nuclear for years

  34. UK has a way higher population density to support centralised power generation

  35. This is what crossed my mind. Would your eardrums immediately burst if you couldn’t equalise with no hands??

  36. I'm no expert but flowing water has a much lower pressure than still water, so that might explain why big wave surfers don't generally suffer barotrauma injuries

  37. That's actually one of my mates. Bodyboarder Shane Ackerman. He nearly died on that wave.

  38. indeed, I was gonna post the story but it's one of those images that's kinda fun to sit and contemplate for a bit, he is an absolute charger.

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