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  1. Bruh, that’s all you’re doing is arguing about being wrong. I think you’re the one coping, projection at its finest. Be happy you’re under American hegemony otherwise you’d all be at war over trivial things again.

  2. BAHAHHAHA don't worry about that little man Bosnia and Serbia or Croatia arent enemies anymore. Hell Bosnia and Croatia are like brothers now. And we are improving relations with the Serbs bit by bit. Go back to your pride parade because you don't know anything about us

  3. Why do you think you guys ever made peace? You losers need a strong man leader to not be at one another’s throats. After Tito you couldn’t stop from trying to ethnically cleanse one another. America and the EU are the strong men keeping you losers from genociding each other with promises of financial and military support because you can’t do it yourselves. Cope and seethe, Slav.

  4. 4 days. Nothing yet, I'm really sick and the worst thing is that I can't go out to look for him.

  5. Hitler is a bad person. And should pay for his actions. But you cant just say I'm anti semetic because I made a age of civilizations II meme

  6. Smack dab in the middle of the pacific off the coast of Peru. Obviously.

  7. All well and good, but what do white and blue stand for?

  8. i know the exact time and date of your death fym


  10. The big boot looking thing in the mid east

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