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  1. Congrats. I guess you don't have a PS3 lying around? 😅

  2. That, or good enough internet to stream it on PS Plus Premium (assuming your region offers it). I was able to do it that way.

  3. Currently yes, unless you have a PS4 and can downgrade or have a physical disc for the game

  4. Oh interesting, you mean downgrade to a prior version that didn't have the dlc required for the plat?

  5. Yes exactly, there are a lot of guides out there on how to do it if you go looking

  6. Nice, thanks! Yeah, I have done it for a few other games that had trophy issues of various kinds.

  7. Yeah, I didn't get in at all. Maybe I just didn't wait long enough

  8. It was truly like 40 to 42 min for me after getting the initial error (never shorter), but I was playing a couple months ago.

  9. I can't find the discord since I left it after I didn't have access to the game anymore, but there are also ppl boosting it on psnp who may know what's up with it lately, too.

  10. Congrats! I haven't played one yet and was thinking of starting with this one too

  11. I’m just surprised you have light mode on

  12. On my phone I have to put ALL apps on dark mode if I want the dark background after the PS App update...unless they fixed it? I liked black better.

  13. getting the same problem today for first time I try to contact sony but today is sunday i guess i have to wait to tomorrow

  14. also just started getting this error msg today with ps4 cloud saves from ps5, also can't even delete the old cloud saves

  15. Hey there, this looks interesting. What was it like?

  16. I played the whole game co-op, never really played it solo. You have to beat the game multiple times for the platinum (it has 3 difficulties and a trophy for each) and multiple other campaigns you have to play through once. Its a roguelike so if you run out of lives you have to start over on a new randomly generated map. All in all it was a really fun turn based rpg, and its free on PS+ Extra, so if you have that no reason to not give it a try!

  17. Ok, thanks for the detailed info! It sounds like an interesting story premise, may have to see if I can round up some players sometime.

  18. Yes, I enjoyed it! But it's true, dodging the glitches should earn you a trophy in itself

  19. First off to downgrade to v1.09 and avoid really bad plat-breaking glitches, follow this guide:

  20. I keep an eye on the Platprices website because you can browse by PS Plus Extra or Premium games with various details about them and then sort by "leaving soon."

  21. I mean the wheel is jerky, game is not polished and the NPCs are like terrible mannequins but I had a lot of fun with Wheel of Fortune. Great game for when you need to chill! Feel better.

  22. How did you like thronebreaker? Have been curious about it bc I actually liked gwent in Witcher 3

  23. Sorry for the late answer. I didn’t see the notification smh. I started Thronebreaker because I liked Gwent in the Witcher and subsequently started to play the Gwent online game which I like too.

  24. Thx! I'm trying to resist going back to the Mass Effect remake (my favorite series ever) because it's more comfortable.

  25. Nothing wrong with replaying a game you love! But I have to remind myself that every new game feels awkward at the beginning and then eventually, it doesn't :)

  26. Very Impressive on having both the Red Dead Platinums for a small collection

  27. You can access the online mode but it's be rare to find people just hanging about in them, it's much easier to boost/coordinate the online trophies thru private matches. You can find ppl to boost with on either psnprofiles or discord.

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