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  1. i have asked for recs from my dad and brother. ill dm you.

  2. Haven't done it all but did do the Aviemore to Perth section last year. We wild camped about half way between. It's a great route. Brilliant surface, no big climbs, great scenery. Loads of nice bits to stop off along the way for food or drink

  3. Yay that's exactly what I was hoping to hear!

  4. if nobody else wants it I can take it! but I'll let others take it if they want it~

  5. This is so incredible! How did you end up getting access to midjourney? This would be great to have for a VIP I'm in on campus, but I am probably very far back on the waitlist. Might just have to give it some time 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. We typically keep old paper boxes at Printing & Copying Services (PCS). Email

  7. Go to ECHO (East Community Housing Office???) - they have tons of cardboard boxes for anyone to pick up (I took like 6 yesterday...)

  8. yayyy this was the answer I was looking for! Will check them out

  9. Wow thanks for catching all this, I'm trying to understand the requirements for cross registration but it's making my head spin. For context, I am classified as a sophomore this summer. If I cross register, I will be taking 2 credit hours on campus at Tech and 5 credit hours to fulfill a lab science online through a school in Michigan. But it's just unclear on what rules apply to a spring/fall term vs the summer semester!

  10. Not a community college, but check out Georgia State. You would apply to be a transient student there for the summer. I think their transient application deadline is May 1. They do have physics classes that will transfer. Verify here

  11. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, it looks like the out of state tuition for their Atlanta classes is pretty high, but I will keep digging. Do you know anything about GSU Perimeter?

  12. I did 15 credit hours last summer, and I literally had no time for anything else. Alarm goes off, I join bluejeans and start taking notes. Class ends and I head downstairs to prepare lunch, then eat it during class #2. Whenever I finished classes for the day, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing homework and group project meetings. Got dinner, maybe had an hour to watch tv or something, then finished up midnight deadline assignments and went to bed. Same exact thing in the morning. I barely felt like I had weekends, they were so full of assignments. I do not recommend taking this many if you can help it. Most people who do ‘full’ summers are taking 6-7 credit hours.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing your experience this is very helpful to know! I figured my summer would like this, so I'm now reconsidering some options because while it might be *technically* possible, it does seem like a lot.

  14. That’s very weird, because I also started my junior design as a sophomore. I started the second semester of my sophomore year and took VIP 2601. It counts towards my junior designs and shows up as so in degreeworks

  15. Thanks that's helpful to know! Were you still classified as a sophomore when you enrolled in the VIP? I am first year but am classified as a sophomore in degreeworks. My adviser said I need to reach junior classification before it counts.

  16. I took the 1301 exam (disclaimer: it was in Fall 2017, so quite a while ago) and remember that it was not particularly difficult if you'd written non-trivial code in Python before. As I remember it, there was a mixture of determining what the output of a code snippet is, writing simple Python code, and maybe some multiple choice questions.

  17. This is very helpful thanks so much!

  18. Hey there, I was a TA for 1301 up until this past spring (graduated/moving into masters). Your placement exam is typically scheduled for sometime during the first week of classes. You’re allowed to use any language you want, so Java is fine. We have a spot on the exam where you write down the language you’re using so we know how to interpret the code you write.

  19. Thank you for your response! I did also email my cs advisor this morning about the test and he said I could only complete it in Python. Do you know if things could have changed between last semester and now? Or is that just inaccurate.

  20. Yay I'm excited to see what you make, this is a cool and functional start! As you continue to explore modeling definitely look into the volume builder (r20+), it's kinda like cheating but could help get you the forms you want, eyedesyn has some great tutorials including one on that to check out.

  21. This is beautiful!! Where did you find the trees and other greenery?

  22. This is so beautiful! Where did you get the plants from? Was it Forester or something else?

  23. Woah how did you get the interior lighting to look so good? What were you filming with?? Great video haha

  24. I hate this, it is not a gouda sign!

  25. This is so cool! How did you get the ripple on the semi circle strip, as it unfurled?

  26. Thanks, it's just a cube with bend and jiggle applied :)

  27. Oh nice! does the material just move with it like that naturally?

  28. Free / royalty-free music for personal use:

  29. Tight, thanks for the useful advice!!

  30. This is so cool and I just love how much character you were able to give simple shapes! How and where did you find all the music? I want to do similar things but I don't know where to find music that is actually licensed for me to use.

  31. Great render 🤩 it's always encouraging seeing people do things like this without octane or other fancy renderers. I also love the music, do you mind sharing how you found it?

  32. It’ll be free! It’s my first font so I’ll probably still need time to get it out, but I’ll make sure to post it here once I do :)

  33. Dude dont sell yourself short cause confidence is key in this world of art making. JUST KEEP MAKING. I liked the design but im entirely too tired to critique anything. Do you have a name for it yet or any wip names?

  34. I’m thinking of naming it Basil! And if you are using it in your project and have to write some feedback on it I’d love if you could pass them my way.

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