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What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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  1. Let the key sit forward in order to prime the injectors. It should start quicker then, at least for mine.

  2. Very common. Thought my problem was the fuel pump but was only on hot starts. Turned out to be injectors.

  3. Well it was certainly teams of people, but it was all spearheaded by the same dude. Impressive nonetheless. Almost as impressive is the mental gymnastics used to try to make a villain out of him.

  4. Don’t worry. The corrupt media will spin this. The smart question to ask the media is to ask them if they spit or do they swallow?

  5. That definitely swallow. Can’t have any evidence left behind.

  6. I’ve got both. Two handed. They are drilled differently and I love both for different reasons. The P2 works for me just a little bit better than the 3.

  7. I feel like I only ever see this split first ball in the 10th

  8. Isn't there a lot more important shit for them to be spending their time and our tax money on?

  9. Yeah. We should send a few more billion dollars to Ukrain right? How much did they spend on the Russia collusion sham against Trump though?

  10. I have mixed feelings about this. I have no trust in government to do the right thing, but something has to be done about all the insane people that freely walk the streets. Are they expected to decide on their own that they need help?

  11. Same. Dangers to society need to be removed but I’m not sure I would trust the government to make that decision.

  12. These cars had a PCV valve that is made into the valve cover. When the PCV valve failed it would sound like a pissed off goose. I think I heard a bit of that in this video.

  13. It shouldn’t be a problem unless there’s no white Santa offering. Who tf would pay $179 for either of them though?

  14. Hate it when that happens. Time to bowl with a house ball.

  15. Moss requires little sun and lots of water. The exact opposite of what most succulents need.

  16. If I fart and you smell it. Masks don't work. A fart has to pass through 2 layers of cloth, when leaving the body. And if you're wearing a mask....another layer. But you still smelled it, meaning you can be infected by covid.

  17. Farts are magical. They don’t play by the same rules.

  18. Reason #101 why I won’t buy fast food.

  19. Most people are sheep. Just look at 2020-2022. The cat is out of the bag and some folks are still wearing masks and pushing the injection.

  20. Hawaiians will own nothing and be happy.

  21. As was the original information given regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine it seems

  22. A year ago this resulted in a b a n. You’re exactly right. The expectation that safe could be considered was an after thought.

  23. At almost 400k miles only my drivers side was destroyed. When I swapped the motor I packed a bunch of window weld in the drivers mount. Vibrations from engine noticed immediately but only at idle.

  24. You know damn well that’s not what a white nationalist is. Stop playing dumb and taking it literally. And yeah, I hate black nationalism too. The concept of Ethnic or racial superiority is a disease

  25. They only thing you’ve said here that I can agree with. We want law and order applied equally, that is all.

  26. Mine too. I love the 60 year old wooden lanes at my local center but they must be oiled very well.

  27. The only conspiracy in y’all’s conversation is the one you are subscribed to, climate change.

  28. Gen X here. We were taught in every science class about CO2. We exhale it and plants inhale it. I guess they don’t teach that anymore.

  29. I don’t know if I’d pay the equivalent of $43,000 for a brand new version of my shit box.

  30. Knowing what I know now, I for sure would buy my XJ brand new today for $43k.

  31. Sure was. Rear wiper was an option also, pre 96 iirc.

  32. Peoples trust in the government. Some now have less trust and others have too much. Too much of a good thing both ways.

  33. Unfortunately, based on the comments in this thread, so does the right. And I say that as someone with both feet firmly planted on the right. Sadly, We always go straight to “hell yes, wasn’t “us” this time.”

  34. For the most part we have always taken the high road when dealing with the left’s insanity. It’s past time to start playing dirty.

  35. You should’ve asked him what the fuck a mental health bill is going to do anyway?

  36. Mentally I’ll people always wait for their background checks when the buy a firearm. /s

  37. Haha like when Donald suggested 2nd amendment people could do something about his political opponent, HRC or retweeted that the only good democrat is a dead democrat? Those kinds of fetishizing calls for violence that you loved and cheered for?

  38. We know. It’s only ok if the democrats do it.

  39. 1)That’s how he meant it and that’s how the crowd interpreted it. You pretending otherwise just makes you look weak and willing to compromise your personal integrity for zero gain.

  40. Are you a victim for a hobby or do you play the victim for a living?

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