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  1. I love John Noble! he is an excellent actor!.

  2. At least he accomplished his goal of frying something..

  3. Yeah, well, that's just, like your opinion, man.


  5. Daft Punk and Michael Jackson was my dream.

  6. If Michael was still alive he would’ve been on RAM

  7. When RAM was released it was the first thing that came to my mind.

  8. Their cameo on West World made me so angry. For those not in the know they were on season two cutting up a dragon with chainsaws to sell to the highest bidder...

  9. I remember complaining about this back in the Westworld sub, but everyone was against me, I hated that scene.


  11. This moment was EVERYTHING. The Queen we needed and never got.

  12. I haven’t watched season 3 or 4. How would you rank them compared to 1? I always thought that season 1 was so perfect that it should have just ended because there was nothing you could add to improve upon the story.

  13. I think any and every scene with Anthony Hopkins in westworld was award winning. He brings such an amazing performance to the screen.

  14. Absolutely, that scene is amazing.

  15. For me it is the best show ever.

  16. I want to believe it was 5.9k :)

  17. And I love the way he lowers the power of her voice to softly say, "And she's a whore." Lmao.

  18. Pretty much every scene with Viserys I was crying. The last scene with Viserys and him with the

  19. When he said "my love" it broke my heart.

  20. The fact that those who listened to your music did not like it does not mean that it is a definitive verdict, how many people listened to it? What musical tastes do those people have that I listen to? It can also be the case that your music is being heard by the wrong audience, it happens in many cases.

  21. I'm looking for the style from 4:45 - 6:22, not from the start of the track, but I appreciate the help

  22. Just like our friend said, I'd also say the same thing only adding downtempo and ambient, pretty sure the part you're looking for is ambient.

  23. I understand that it's some sort of ambient, but is there a name for this specific style? Since ambient is such a wide genre

  24. I honestly don't know if it has a specific name.

  25. Personally for me there is no other show at the level of Mr Robot but i recommend you Succession and Dark, but also some shows that were canceled but are worth it.

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