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  1. This photo is worth taking a look at because it shows a nice example of Dubai's urban planning: car-centric developments with towering skyscrapers right next to American-style suburbs. The contrast is stark because there are no midrises as the transition from highrise to lowrise areas. Do you think the scorching heat outside is a valid excuse to not build a more walkable and livable city?

  2. Beautiful setbacks, especially in the last two photos!

  3. I'm excited to have found this subreddit since I have a great interest in the topic.

  4. I'm so glad to have you here, too! It's quite hard to come across someone with the same obscure hobby such as spotting impact craters. I have also found a few crater-like structures that aren't present in the CEID (2015) catalog by ekafeman. Hopefully, the geologists here will help us tell the likelihood of them being craters of impact origin.

  5. I think an A.I. can be trained on the current Earth Impact Database to identify more potential impact craters like these from satellite imagery. But until some actual research teams set out to visit them, all we can do is speculate.

  6. Mimicking others' works might make someone look bad, but it's a pretty good way to catch up for those who are trailing behind.

  7. How big is the crater if this is the central uplift?

  8. Is that like a brand-new subreddit? It’s got two posts, both in the last few hours..?

  9. Not exactly. It was previously an abandoned porn subreddit that I took over and repurposed. You can guess what their old topic of discussion was.

  10. Haven't watched the video but I think a big problem with this flywheel is that there aren't many interesting things around it for visitors to see, because it is built on an artificial island out at sea. In contrast, both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer are located near famous locations of their cities and provide great vantage points.

  11. Speaking of Barringer Crater, there is this circular structure just half a mile (800 meters) south of it which gets me curious. Could it be a sister crater created by a fragment of the Barringer meteoroid? It's quite big, measuring over 100 meters / 330 feet across, and seems to be a protrusion rather than a depression.

  12. They will be the tallest equal height twin towers in China.

  13. And the world's second tallest "Twin Buildings of Equal Height" as well, right after the Petronas Towers. If we excluded the "equal height" condition, that title would belong to the

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