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  1. I’m a years-long experiment on how long a human can survive while only eating Costco hotdogs.

  2. Health insurance is just business majors trying to make healthcare a subscription service smh

  3. The Last of Us really shows the need for Marxism, as the fungus can really be seen as a metaphor for capitalism, which has been eating humanity alive for the last 300 years.

  4. It’s suspicious that awful things happen to America shortly after democrats are president:

  5. Apparently DALLE 2 has a ridiculous content policy and will refuse to make anything that’s remotely funny.

  6. I won’t date anyone who is within two feet of my height. They shall either tower over me or be too small to reach the middle shelf.

  7. I hold little shame in deleting comments that do not get enough traction because I am that guy

  8. The ideal first date is walking through a stretch of grass together and eating worms we find on the ground

  9. 👆🏻 Is rude to the waiter while on a date, because they want to impress the person they’re with.

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