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  1. other guy definitely phrased his comment in a more confrontational way than necessary, but i feel like you're taking it more as a personal attack than is called for as well. you both got a point, the handles are smooth and impressive, but they're not really "fast" per se, and it shows handles don't need to be that fast to be effective (esp against amateur defense)

  2. Unpopular opinion: when Russia was building up forces on the Ukraine border and an attack was iminant. The US and most UN countries issued travel bans and restrictions to Russia. They specifically warned US citizens not to travel to Russia for fear they could be arrested, kidnapped, or killed. Telling them that if they did still want to travel, they should make sure their will is up to date and their affairs are in order. Yet here we are.

  3. Turn your tv off and leave the sound on if that's all you care about. Talk about about baseball or go to the commentators thresd.

  4. You can stop right there because you aren’t making many good points at all. Some of the homegrown players on the Mets include Alonso, McNeil, Nimmo and deGrom. Between those 4 that’s around 17 WAR. That’s a pretty big contribution just from those 4. And they’ve had some solid smaller contributions from players like Peterson, Guillorme, Lugo and Nido. The Mets drafted and developed well, they didn’t just spend in free agency. That’s why they won 101 games and the Phillies won 87. The Phillies rebuild did not go well. This is a fact. I mean look at their record during that time and the players from the farm on those teams. Sure they are in the WS right now, but as a 87 win wild card team on a hot streak. The hot streak is carried by some big free agent acquisitions. The Phillies are not the Rays. Why is this even upsetting you? You are a Phillies fan you should know the Phillies.

  5. I mean they are literally only taking about the Padres.


  7. Half of this thread is talking about the commentators more than the game. Who fucking cares.

  8. Wow. Announcer was a lot more hysterically excited when braves pitcher had his quick inning and almost sad about wheelers. Lol Although smoltz has been pretty complimentary of the phillies…

  9. As someone who lives way out of market and would like to do something similar, how did you go about the meat? What does anyone suggest for good at home cheesesteak meat? Just grab a ribeye and start thinly slicing?

  10. Either find a grocery store or butcher that sells minute steak or just buy the frozen shit. Steak-umms are perfectly fine for a quick at home cheesesteaks and would probably workout to a few bucks each.

  11. No issues at all. I do this often when preparing ahead of time.

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