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One Piece: Chapter 1078

A reward for making it through the most topsey-turvey year anyone can remember. Gives 100 coins to the recipient.

  1. myhf says:

    It went straight up. Where are the stairs?

  2. I hope your college made Gym mandatory, Bard! Time for a rope climb!

  3. "At that moment, with my thumbs in his brains, I had a revelation. I had trained far too broadly. Existence and the act of combat are absolutely no different, and the essence of both, the purity of both, is a singular action, which is Cutting Down Your Opponent. You must resolve to train this action. You must become this action. Truly, there is very little else that will serve you as well in this entire cursed world." -

  4. But can you imagine putting every ounce of your will into selling noodles?

  5. Zimmy was found by the Court though. Saying that she became like this before Annie would've died on the bridge seems... Wacky. And it doesn't explain why Annie is able to provide aid to Zimmy when Gamma is sleeping.

  6. The real question now is, will Marten get headbutted in the junk, or puked on his lap?

  7. NGL - I’ve been a Hulk fan since I got into comics and I love the addition of the Green Door and all that.

  8. He spoke for a moment during the battle for those five hills. On the first day, I think.

  9. I have a feeling my character is far from a main character and could be highly considered a side character, or even a quest character lol.

  10. Fair enough, it could just be due to the people you were with then. Or they had established groups/dynamics and focused on those rather than welcoming you.

  11. I'll have better luck next time I suppose.

  12. I have a poet inside me and enjoy roleplaying religious characters, including traditionally Horde races (yes, I know Farraki aren't explicitly Horde, but the point's there). I'm not a good barometer for "normal," haha!

  13. Too true. I still can’t decide whether or not I freaking hate it or love it.

  14. I prefer it (in fictional works) when the one who attempted it immediately notices a drawback after their actions. Basically they mentally acknowledge they took a gamble from trying something new, and even though they succeeded, they almost screw themselves over afterwards because of a hidden cost. Generally one that requires specific training or preparation to minimize, so that the new technique isn't spammed for the rest of that fight.

  15. Ah I should have included something like that! Thanks for the feedback!

  16. I just saw your Baki stat block, nice work! I'm really glad you included Animal Handling. The only other change I can think of for his stat block would be something like "If Baki succeeds on a death saving throw, he gains one hit point and regains consciousness." Probably once per short rest, but I could see it as an endless ability for a protagonist.

  17. People who have little understanding would consider that fight as Jiraiya being weak.

  18. Why do you think that the paths' strength increases when they are close to Nagato's body? Why don't you think it is a binary "can/cannot control Path bodies past X range?"

  19. Huuh, but why xianxia exactly? More explaining senior bruh

  20. Dungeons and dragons- with magical creatures, spellcasting, magic items, and concepts like Destiny screwing with characters- is generally the “high fantasy” end of Medieval Fantasy. Portrayals of Greece like 300 and Troy are low-fantasy Medieval stories.

  21. This might be a bit of an incoherent ramble. Also, cis man here.

  22. Would this be before Dan and her nephew died? Would Dan even date someone who kills her teammates? Would Sarutobi start treating Orochimari differently after Jiraiya's death?

  23. I strongly agree with you that the sarks are a better option, as I said before.

  24. Just because it's better path doesn't mean it doesn't involve Kat becoming machine god.

  25. The Omnissiah shall be built! What you should focus on, is whether Kat will design herself to serve as its key and heart. One version of Kat will say the Omnissiah, angel of steel, must be built, and to reach its true potential she must join with it.

  26. Is any of this actually supported by something in the comics or it's completely just headcanon?

  27. Nope! Baseless speculation… and a bit of hope that Kat needs to learn a lesson at the end of all this. God, I hope the lesson from this decade-spanning plot thread is worthwhile…

  28. The entirety of Naruto: one man team. I have no idea why I read it. I have no idea where I found it. But I did and I was shown a fic that made most neglect fics look like art.

  29. Darn it, you’ve reminded me of a Harry Potter fanfic in which Harry turned his harem (including McGonagall) into faeries… Thaaaanks,

  30. Biomancy, biopunk aesthetics, and biomechatronics are amazing. Ally with Sarkics, no question.

  31. Bart Simpson in couple's therapy recounting his abuse

  32. Are Bobby's boyfriend/girlfriend from a show too? I don't recognize them.

  33. His friends from King of the Hill. Joseph Gribble and Connie Souphanousinphone. Another sign that the relationships he built were strong and genuine.

  34. I did a reread of the last couple chapters recently, and I’m wondering if humanity has become so terrible (according to senet beasts) because they were broken by whatever made their souls so distinct. The original sin of this world. I’m wondering if, based on what Rukhmerrka once said, if all humans once had a lifelong companion in lions. Well, fantasy lions.

  35. So did Vegapunk bring all of his satellites to Mariejois, or did he go prior to his surgery? Meaning everyone should have a memory of going to Mariejois as the original Vegapunk..

  36. I'm really hoping the "year of the flying noodle" is a reference to Pastafarianism . . .

  37. Sorry, it actually comes from a grand celebration where pool noodles were attached to drones.

  38. Considering how Taylor acts in Worm I think all shard subtlety send gay signals

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