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  1. yeah okay where can i learn bloodborne lore i watched 3 youtube videos and all ive learned is that there are great ones

  2. Why did so many people get confused when the two characters are named ANGEL and SKYE when Skye is literally a woman's name irl wait this isn't about the Clouds scene

  3. A human cannot describe how much I despise the Mario movie peach design

  4. Honestly recommend it, it gets a horrible reputation for very little reason, it’s basically youtube if YouTube didn’t obsessively recommend fascists to you no matter what you watch

  5. No random multiple hour long video essays on obscure topics ):

  6. Celeste is such a hidden gem I must buy 69 copies to support the starving indie devs

  7. Fun fact, when Shakespeare was alive it wasn't allowed for women to perform in plays, so in the original performances of Shakespeare all the women were men in drag (:

  8. glitches are the point of goat simulator, 5 fps is not the point of Pokemon

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