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  1. Scottish rugby fans have the best sense of humour in the whole of sports. Even after a glorious victory, they can't resist a bit of the old satire.

  2. Being so consistently shite does wonders to one's sense of humour

  3. Give it 10 or so years, don't worry you'll get there. They don't call them "the banter years" for nothing

  4. It just highlights how buggered our grassroots is. Like you say, Wales is a great example of home grown talent with a tiny population, its a shame we can't seem to emulate it at all.

  5. Finn kicked like arse but we still managed to win, which I think is quite uplifting for us. Also I'm unsure about Smith for England, to my amateur eye he doesn't seem to bring much direction to the attack other than the danger of his running game.

  6. It's not purely a kicking game. He had a few bad kicks sure but overall, England was poised to make better returns. Scotland won because they realised they could do better just running it, catching England off guard.

  7. I know its not purely kicking but I think England were winning that game, keeping us pinned back, in the first half at least. With a better defence, England could've probably kept us stuck in our 22 for most of the game.

  8. Honestly if England weren't flapping around like schoolboys it wouldn't have happened. Not a classic England made it look as such.

  9. Fucking hell, that name activated my flight/fight response

  10. Standing under studio lights in a full suit is uncomfortable

  11. England will certainly be better than this. They might be rusty in places but overall solid is my expectation.

  12. Oh interesting, so it's better to have a full bench then? I always assumed it was better to have 1 supersub and then maximise player quality on the pitch, is that wrong?

  13. I always wait for these and they're always great. Thanks mate.

  14. Feel like Hogg is the weakest link in the team (coming back from injury, will need to defend really well against a running England team), but really like the rest of the selections!

  15. 15 is a problem area for us in a way. Who else do we have that plays it really?

  16. Still no mention of draft mode. Guess I'll continue not to play :/

  17. The only time I view this as a bad thing is when it's nations viewing project players to mask under investment in gras roots rugby. Otherwise, who cares.

  18. Well lucky for you, Scottish grassroots is absolutely shite

  19. Have not watched in a long time. What's with the reaction camera on the left? Hiding ads?

  20. Riot forbade uploading VODs so the guy who uploads these put a loop of his face on the bottom left so it's now a reaction video technically lol

  21. Hi Dan, thanks for being so communicative. I haven't played in a while, is there a draft mode back in the game? I know it wasn't popular but I loved expedition :(

  22. There isn’t right now. I played it a lot too. Love draft modes. Path of Champions is how I scratch my limited itch right now.

  23. Ah shucks. Despite loving Slay the Spire, PoC never did it for me, can't put my finger on why. Thanks for the reply though, hope you have a great day.

  24. GG do excellent Smash Bros Melee content, glad to see the league side picking it up

  25. It does, but not on the shelves. I can pm you a screenshot if you want.

  26. Not disagreeing but he basically did nothing all game lol

  27. not related to the game but was anyone else really annoyed by the audience today/yesterday? I'd hate to see lolesports turn into fifa with drunken yells and shouts from the crowd

  28. Disagree i found it way better than the usual silence. Adds atmosphere to the game imo.

  29. Our grassroots needsan overhaul, hopefully this helps in some manner.

  30. Alright, I think I have a lot of it puzzled out. Take a shot reading the articles and stuff, and then read the rest of this post. Obviously spoilers for this minute and a half video.

  31. Wow the double talk here is massive. One topic after another where they say one thing and then turn around and say the opposite.

  32. I think you're misrepresenting what was said in the vid a bit. They want to promote viewership of the LCS; this is why they moved the days (to prevent being same days as LEC to prevent viewer burnout) and moved the time (to maximise european/worldwide viewership). They said they found that promoting LCS outside the client was less effective as League has a high knowledge floor that blocks an uninformed audience from engaging. As for Dash, they want to try a different style of broadcast, again to promote viewership (again in theory, I think losing Dash is a mistake personally).

  33. So did none of the other singers for this piece do that note?

  34. Chert is not all that heavy, you can substitute rock pots as well. That said, I am greatly looking forward to your next post. This reminds me of an old legendary story that faced similar difficulties *WARNING! - THE FOLLOWING STORY LINK HAS SPOILERS*

  35. Not wanting to get spoiled you mean Dwarf Fortress has spoilers? Like a story or something?

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