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  1. Kevin, they weren’t “free”. The researchers got paid, the manufacturers got paid, the companies making the vaccine got paid, the nurses got paid.

  2. I’m in Colorado and I know a lot of people that have had COVID, even recently.

  3. Is it just me or do most people not actually know how to fight. This just looks like a bunch of flailing arms and some hoping around.

  4. Supposedly, an F-22 shot it down with an Aim-9X Air to Air missile. That, or it was Carl from UP.

  5. They used a $400k missile to shoot down a balloon? We really don’t go cheap in the US military.

  6. Everything the military has is already paid for. They don’t make money and don’t generate revenue so everything they have is paid for by us, the tax payer.

  7. Well that was fast. It’s only been a a month.

  8. I watched my kids births and even have pictures. I’m not sure why people get so grossed out about it.

  9. Why do people singing the national anthem always feel like they have to have some unique take on a song that’s been sung probably millions of times?

  10. Don’t forget Vanessa’s puppet and Bill Hader’s puppet.

  11. The purpose of the mask is to prevent you spreading sickness to people in the hospital that are vulnerable to infections and have weakened immune systems.

  12. apt tells you what it’s going to add and remove before it does it.

  13. I just prefer not to risk it, I've seen too many people get fucked up on bikes. My cousin hit a post going 80 and his eye flew out of his socket.

  14. Don’t forget 40k people a year in the USA alone die in cars. Yes, the fatality is significantly lower but it’s not risk free either.

  15. 50% of motorcycle fatalities are due to intoxication. Don’t drink and ride. Another 20% are due to not wearing a helmet.

  16. What is it about Trump that makes people willing to literally give up their lives for his?

  17. Use the exec command towards the end of your config file.

  18. I use this to launch all of the apps I need on my development machine. Super convenient.

  19. While true, this is a global phenomenon that's not localized to the US at all - racism, fascism and anti-democratic movements are growing everywhere in the world right now. It's a knee-jerk response to late stage capitalism and the reality that the system needs to change to continue to work - and people who are benefiting right now don't want that change.

  20. Should we who care not bring people into the world to continue to fight for a better future for all? Laying down just lets evil continue unabated

  21. I had this exact same problem on a ride recently. I rode to the shop. The ball joint for the shift lever was stuck. They replaced it and it worked fine.

  22. What does “not as fast” even mean? Is there dispatch overhead? Or is the problem that the event loop can only execute one function at a time causing a delay in execution of other pending async events?

  23. A single-threaded event loop (and co-routines in general) relies on the fact that functions yield to each other, in order to be asynchronous. In the simplest example, a function that is waiting on an I/O operation can yield to another function, that can execute in the mean time. It implements concurrency, but not parallelism.

  24. So add this explanation to your README. “Not fast” is far to vague.

  25. Right? Alito used something weird and witchy from the 1600s in his written decision for yanking Roe.

  26. Which shouldn’t even be considered because the Unites States didn’t even exist. Can we now just pick court rulings from any random country to support our point of view?

  27. There are usually a lot of beginner bikes for sale cheap. The Ninja 400 is an awesome bike but it should be pretty easy to get one a few years old for a lot cheaper.

  28. That’s why these people behave like this! Reward that kind of behavior?! Absolutely not. She deserves a boot in her ass. Society needs to stand together and STOP enabling this bullshit.

  29. And a couple of teenage cashiers are the right people to implement that parenting?

  30. I interpreted your comment as disagreeing that the cashiers should just give her the donut. In that scenario the teenage cashiers now are responsible for dealing with an out of control adult.

  31. God I love Pedro. Awesome actor and seems to be such a wholesome, down to earth dude

  32. I heard rumors he was a bit of a premadonna at the Mandalorian.

  33. It exists in Florida and has multiple cases backing it up. It's still shit but my younger brother got pulled for "failure to maintain lane" back in our hooligan days. Stayed in his lane but was just weaving across it. Told the cop he was "warming up the tires", cop claims it's unsafe since since you aren't being "predictable" or some such.

  34. But they did stay “entirely within a single lane” and did not “move from such lane”. I would have gone to trial.

  35. That’s pretty impressive. I’ve gotten the horse on top of a fence.

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