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  1. If I could see tj watt get hurt every time he is on the field for the rest of his career I’d be a happy man.

  2. Hopefully Burrow breaks his leg again.

  3. Mason Rudolph would be better than this. Trubisky is a joke.

  4. Lol who cares about a pick? They're about to get the ball back in 30 seconds.

  5. Lol Denis lost a point and said im about to KO your ass.

  6. i used to feel the same way (oh poor men! they're so hurt! and they have problems too!!) until i realized that a lot of these problems that men have personally, are problems that can be worked out if they actually put conscious effort, thought, care and a bit love into it -- into themselves. i have seen this "woe-is-me" mentality in my brother, male friends growing up, my dad, and even my sons dad. i have witnessed countless men give up on the problems that they created because they do not know how to work through or even lack the actual will and want for themselves and then turn around and get angry when the woman closest to them arent willing to help either; how can you honestly expect somebody else to help when you dont even want to help yourselves? Not aLl MeNninG you guys, but like..this is something that I have seen over and over and over again and again. Its predictable when you have a man approach you with a personal problem.

  7. I don't understand what anything you said has to do with the comments on this post. Most of the comments are talking about how women want men to open up and express their feelings then later on wanna throw it in their faces when they get angry. Seems like you just wanted to go on another generic rant about men and how we cause all of our own problems.

  8. Assumptions being made left and right everywhere in this thread I see.

  9. That happens all the time with posts like this. You would think that women would understand what it's like to have their experiences invalidated better than anyone yet they constantly do it to men.

  10. Lol anyone catch that 80’s fro that just sat down cageside?

  11. Yb fans be some crying ass Niggas boy 😭 y’all be having the audacity to call someone a dick rider making post like this 🥴

  12. zmR6 says:

    Nigga you not trollin you crying under every reply🤣🤣

  13. Quando went lol go watch his story he had blue on too.. him and his girl

  14. So that nigga ain't drop his flag 😂

  15. Just like he said he was leaving that girl and posted her on his story today😂

  16. Yea but him saying he's droppin his flag and not actually doing it is way worse 😂. Quando my boy but he be trippin sometimes 🤦🏽‍♂️. Niggas is not gonna take him serious when he start heavy Crippin again.

  17. Keep bringing decade old stuff up. John Cena went on and on about Rock leaving to Hollywood and he did the exact same thing, you gonna call him on his bullshit too?

  18. Rollins has always reminded me of a fusion between CM Punk and AJ Styles.

  19. Punk wishes he had the speed and athleticism that Seth has.

  20. Seth needs to bring back the blonde streak. Even if it's just for 1 ppv. He should do it the next time he faces Roman.

  21. No you're not. Holland is without a doubt a better fighter than Nate at this point in their careers.

  22. Say what you want about Conor, but he never missed weight. Even when he looked like the Skeletor at 145.

  23. Can you blame him? You can say a lot of things about the Steelers, but you can't call us a dirty team. We've always played the game with honor and integrity.

  24. Obviously. I’m just curious what changed. (I have a couple of my own guesses, but it’s not worth speculating about)

  25. Nate sounding like Walt Jr. will never not be fucking hilarious.

  26. Such a bad matchup for Holland, that "anywhere, anytime" mentality is

  27. Holland's best bet is to hope Khamzat gasses.

  28. Nets have the sexiest roster in the NBA.

  29. So I'm guessing the Ceremonials Weigh Ins are cancelled?

  30. Yes. Not like he's a dirty player like Donald.

  31. He's not pictured here but if we got Roman, the Usos, and Solo in the Bloodline, I'd love to see Jacob Fatu in there as well. It's not gonna happen, but it would be cool.

  32. I find it so strange that Jacob Fatu hasn't signed with the WWE. It makes me assume he doesn't want to go there. People bring up his vague legal issues for why WWE won't sign him, but he definitely wouldn't be the first guy they signed with legal trouble in the past. And Roman is the biggest star in the company so if he wanted to get his cousin a job I feel like he could.

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