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Now that Reddit are killing 3rd party apps on July 1st what are great alternatives to Reddit?

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  1. "There's even worse shit on this platform that isn't being suppressed" is a very desperate way to defend your content.

  2. You're proud of a19 year old that is already well on his way drinking.

  3. The racists wouldn't suddenly become anti-gun, pro-abortion and gay/trans-friendly.

  4. Ignore the fact you don't like and push those you do. Classic tactic.

  5. No way you're 25. Not serving you without ID.

  6. The inability to understand other people's view points. Everything would be better if we could all understand everyone else's point of view on every point.

  7. I got Noopept as a powder, started with 10mg sublingual, worked up to 30mg, did this 3x daily. The material I saw indicated the normal course of treatment is sixty days. At the end of that time my sleep quantum had dropped from over five hours to about three. I stopped taking it and sleep returned to normal in a week or so.

  8. It's popularity in young people is the reported memory improvements helping with academic performance. It's part of a broader set of symptoms that are the result of greater academic pressure put on young people.

  9. If I won a free Tesla, I would trade it as soon as I found the vehicle I wanted. Maybe a hybrid. Teslas are as ugly as Musk. Musk's persona is awful.

  10. Looks like they added more ether to the net.

  11. I think your friend may be in an abusive relationship.

  12. Not if you want features like intellisense.


  14. He is the king of Scotland decendent of a line brought in because the English dynasty had a bad habit of dying before having children.

  15. Easy flame skulls have been ongoing spells since before 5e came out.

  16. Used p600 and p2000 Nvidia cards for transcoding also getting cheaper all the time.

  17. Netflix acting like storage isn't cheap.

  18. My dude. In banking excel would be advanced. Go lookup COBOL.

  19. My boot up time is like 10 seconds from cold to desktop. Try that in windows.

  20. If you're bringing a caravan make better choices. Caravans are overpriced tin sheds.

  21. Just perch on the edge getting really cozy up to her.

  22. As the recent launch proved more parts is more to go wrong.

  23. This still a wip, I have had to make some bodges to get it to work so no final design yet sorry

  24. Have you done a v2 yet? I'd like to build one.

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