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  1. `-g` makes `gem` behave similar to `bundler`. Read up

  2. Yes - it's a huge clue. They used to talk in research about a bipolar 2a or 3 that was bipolar 2 that only emerged after SSRIs and was a less phenotypically penetrant version - but the treatment is the same and it's mostly considered exactly the same thing.

  3. Getting hypomanic on fluoxetine is a big hint to any pdoc that it's bipolar rather ADHD.

  4. Yes, there is something called essential tremor, where you only have the tremor and never develop other PD symptoms. Only about 20% of the time does essential tremor ever progress to PD. Unless you have genetic form of PD and a family history, it's much more likely to not be PD at your age.

  5. Some drugs can temporarily give life the illusion of meaning but none continue to provide us with a meaningful existence in a meaningless universe when we come down.

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