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Being trans is not a mental illness

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  1. Looks like they are intended for structural footing or column footings. They serve as foundation for high rise buildings.

  2. You mean the supposed AI that was programmed politically by the liberals?

  3. Never knew bangus was high in mercury content as well.

  4. Please don't get confused by this post, it's ranking the fishes the top 3 whatever sold in Manila, it doesn't mean it's not safe to eat. Bangus have far way less mercury than the likes of Tuna which are deep sea fishes and still they are safe to eat....

  5. Mas bilib ako that that receipts still looks pretty clear after 23 years.

  6. It was taken this week! Was doing some cleaning and was surprised the receipt was still intact! 🤯

  7. The stock market is an auction, the displayed price is the most recently traded price. It could move to $1 on 100 volume if that was the latest traded price.

  8. been here for 2 years and i just learned that, im a true retartd

  9. bro not only said "I respect you, but I don't respect you", but also made it about themselves😭😭😭😭narcissistic looking ass lmfao

  10. If I met her in the street and would ask for a hug I'll hug, if she want she as pronoun I'll give her that, won't hurt me, if she asked me to remove the word "Trans" in a trans woman then that goes against my religion and belief. Did I disrespected her by that? If she thinks I did and mocked me for the religion I believed in, who got disrespected then?

  11. Search who is the number 1 giving "donation" to the politicians. Kenneth Griffin. The Satan of Wallstreet. Runs a market maker and a hedge fund at the same time, selling stocks that are fake, earning 16B last year on a red market. The fuckery runs deep in this douchbag

  12. I appreciated Gary V when he hosted idol ph. Maingat magsalita but can laugh at jokes

  13. and i worked with him once (metro mag feat. universal record artists) , im no-one in the industry and he approached me, we talked in about 30 minutes about photography. Sam conception, jay-R and Jose mari chan, eventually joined us in our conversation. I met him twice too when i was an intern, greeted us on both occasions. Super nice guy

  14. LoL I read that Philippines have the costliest onions in the world. Maybe she tried to make a profit.

  15. Being a filipino rather than making a profit it is to help family back home knowing basic ingredients as onion is worth 7 dollars per kg. This making a profit idea is stupid, crew have above average salary tbh

  16. Great! Interest rates are at highest, Philippine peso is at its weakest, bonds market is in turmoil, we have a very intelligent president guys!

  17. Lol 200k is definitely high in Dubai, if you think not then you're an insensitive and a priviledged piece of shit. Slave labor is rampant in your place. 5k AED average ng licensed engr/cpa/nurse which equates to what, 70k in the Philippines also you didnt get the joke of 200k boy, tough titties and it's for you to find out. Dont blame the kid just to get a pat in the back on the internet boy kawawa naman bby mo ginamit mo pang trophy. Why would I be kawawa, I don't live in the desert and have to suffer from not becoming a citizen for the next 10 years or ever of foreign ppl enslaving you lol.

  18. Bakit ka sakin nagagalit, kasalanan ko ba kung malungkot ka?sayang effort mo bata, maayos buhay ng kausap mo,ako ba ung nagpost sa fb? Haha ang sinasabi ko lang I know where he's coming from dahil may anak din ako. 200k is not high in Dubai for you to bring your wife and build a family here 200k is just enough. Kung single na gaya mo Oo malaki yun haha

  19. Canceled kasi ang pagyayabang ng "high salary" dito tsong, lalo na kung from Slave labour country ka lol. You indirectly regurgitated what the post was saying and nag vvirtue signaling ka while also bragging. Asking for pat in the back on the internet is correct and easier way to phrase it nga hahahahaha

  20. Haha sorry nmn kung nagyayabang ang tunog, kadiri ung nanghihingi ng validation sa net haha, was just trying to point out na kaya kong bilhin pero pipigilan mo sarili mo kasi nga laging iniisip ko na ung "di nmn kailangan" lalo na pag may anak ka na. Nakakaproud kaya haha tas sabayan mo ng line na "pang diaper nalang" again hypothetical lang man

  21. I don’t care. If virtu and citadel dislike gensler’s actions, then I am a fan of his.

  22. Yung CSRs most likely US or AUS accounts yan so medyo malaki talaga yung pay. Pero totoo, yung mga Engineers sa PH grabe underpaid ng malala for someone na licensed professional.

  23. actually same here in dubai, our engineers salary is as low as 55K, im communication arts grad working in the same company technical department and my salary is at 6 digits

  24. If you read tiktoks terms and conditions you will surprise how you also allow them to use you personal data, even to your location

  25. We lowered our averages, we didn't lose a penny rather we saved more!

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