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  1. 285 Natty, I’ve been cruising testosterone at TRT levels for a while now though.

  2. Set up a trust, if I pitch a policy to a single parent I have recommend them to build a trust or I’ll do it for them, depending on which carrier they choose! Hope this helps

  3. Your policy needs to build cash value first! When rich people do this, it’s because they front load their policies with enormous amounts of cash. Hope this helps!

  4. It depends on the carrier. All of the carriers I pitch to people are all A+ rated. However a lot of it depends on your current medications and your prescription history! Hope this helps.

  5. Tell the doctor you want in writing exactly why they won’t prescribe you a CPAP, If they don’t give you what you need tell them you will file an ICE complaint. Just because your getting out soon doesn’t warrant that doc to not give you what you need. Don’t let them bully you.

  6. Prayers to your family bro! My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer, doc gave him 6 months and the dude trucked for over 7 years with the rarest and deadliest cancers. Prayers getting sent your way!

  7. I’m sorry about your dad. Thank you for sharing this with me. Gives me tears right now. I’m a very emotional dude, and humbled to no end. The latter came later in life when I had no chive but to humble myself. Cancer in someone you love can either eat your own soul or bring you closer to God and others you love. It’s brought us closer. Lost my dad in ‘04. Sudden heart attack and he was gone at 61 years old. Army vet. Good guy. I miss him. I appreciate you. I know you miss your dad. Perhaps the two have met out there in eternity. Blessings!

  8. Stay strong for you wife brother! It definitely brought my father and I closer. I’m grateful for that. Keep fighting the VA for what you deserve!

  9. Appeal it brother I’m thinking the new law that passed helped me.

  10. On that form you need to supply the following at a minimum.

  11. Thank you for replying, I’m specifically stuck on the remarks section on the last page, sorry for not clarifying. All of the other parts you listed I’ve put!

  12. Remarks are a place to put anything else you think may be relevant.

  13. Such as how it affects me daily? Or as far as the events?

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