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Spy x Family - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL

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  1. That's not the Fury fight from the Apokalipse movie

  2. Democrats got to stop running on " not being as bad as republicans"

  3. Still wandering what the series will be about

  4. As pessoas não são pro-vida. São pro-parto.

  5. It's pretty clear which Bat characters audiences are interested in

  6. Lembro que rolou a peça da bengala pra Dilma não indicar mais ministros

  7. Yeah I fundamentally disagree with Greg's perspective. Shows should resolve all of their plotlines. Why even tell them otherwise? To create a level of realism? The positive that is the additional realism is so vastly outweighed by the negative that is the unresolved plotlines that I just cant agree.

  8. You expressed it very well. Young Justice could do all the things it does, but somehow it always does things too much

  9. Não entendo as passadas de pano pras coisas que Israel faz

  10. historical irony of Germany and America reversing their positions

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