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  1. This is a strange way for adults to behave.

  2. When you're conceptually working with "wall clock time" in general. Especially when it's in the future, since you don't know if there will be TZ/DST changes. If "absolute" time is needed at some point, then you calculate it on demand, often by using a location or IANA time zone name that was stored in a separate column.

  3. Counting, doing math, or almost anything numeric beyond something simple like dates or time I notice people tend to switch to their native languages for.

  4. I still accidentally read numerals as English when I'm reading in my TLs.

  5. Puedes hacer una transcripción en español también?

  6. People moan about crime in NZ, but then I read all the comments on things like this, especially on TikTok and give up hope. People are getting the kind of country they deserve.

  7. It's not a contradiction to want to see the scumbags punished but also recognise that allowing police to dole out extrajudicial punishment is a slippery slope (see: America). It's not an either-or situation, they should be treated as separate issues.

  8. I'm only beginner learner, but shouldn't that be 做得更好?

  9. I think it's similar to the use of a with flavours and smells. "Tiene sabor a vainilla", "huele a rosas", "tiene aromas a frutas tropicales", etc. The common theme seems to be being reminded of something.

  10. Some other kanji–katakana pairs to watch out for if you’re doing handwriting recognition:

  11. I don't know if these are used in Japanese, but here are a few more I know from Chinese:

  12. 才 is usually written differently in Japan, and so the risk of visual confusion is less.

  13. You're entitled to your opinion, but I just want to say that RoR isn't a language.

  14. I am doing this now with old jrpgs. I emulate them on my phone and screenshot stuff I don't know then put it into anki.

  15. Speaking of emulation, Retroarch actually has

  16. This relies on the fact that spreading false won't result in any copied properties, because when it gets autoboxed it doesn't have any enumerable own properties. That's some pretty specific knowledge to need to know, which is why I would avoid doing this.

  17. Careful: joke enough and people will start using it unironically.

  18. Instant subscribe! I've been wanting something akin to Dreaming Spanish for Mandarin for a long time.

  19. There's another, much smaller polyfill:


  21. I mean, that work's already been done "in advance" several times over by now. They've probably had stamping dies for Charles sitting somewhere in a safe since like the 80s.

  22. I never saw the first one - should it be added to my list?

  23. Tip: someone forked the old website (

  24. You're looking for a specific type of gym though, rather than a gym that caters to a broad range of users looking for an overall fitness experience. You're looking for a chad gym bro weight lifting juice bar. Those exist, they focus on having lots more benches and racks etc, and you can spit and make fun of minorities and the other expected behaviour in one handy location. 👍

  25. This. Get in, get out. No fucking round. It's not a social occasion. I use to go to snap fitness in royal oak, the same group of 6 to 8 (depending on the day) d bags would hog machines for ages. Also, their rest time between sets would be so long, their heart rate would've dropped to a normal level by the time their next set came round.

  26. Wiktionary says it's ultimately derived from lelo/a, which is apparently onomatopoeic.

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