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  1. So, you say "Joe Biden," but the president has really limited individual power. There are some comments addressing his individual accomplishments, such as pardoning people charged with marijuana possession. However, most of "his" improvements have been signing into law bills that had bipartisan support in congress.

  2. I have my AMP staked. Either it'll improve or I'll accept my loss. I only look around once every three months.

  3. First, your case is normal. Don't beat yourself up.

  4. Solo Shuffle success is, "how well does your class perform without teamwork/coordination?"

  5. Are you staying at a private residency or a hotel? If you are staying at a hotel, then your registration is done by the hotel and nothing to worry about. If you are staying at your own place or private residency then you should go check in with the PSB.

  6. I am referring to the visa office, not the PSB. The PSB should have no issues allowing me entrance because I am legally obligated to register within 24 hours of arrival. However, the visa office is a completely different story.

  7. I live in the area and it’s not that bad. There’s worse areas in Houston. And it only flooded during Harvey, it doesn’t flood every time it rains like it does in other areas.

  8. This is the sole response praising the area here. Could you elaborate a little bit? Is it mostly violent crime or property crime, and is it a place where I would feel safe at night in my own home? I do not usually go out at night, so I'm concerned with break-ins and spillover violence.

  9. Why not rent for a year and figure out the city before buying?

  10. Renting in the US isn't super economic, and for my family, renting would mean moving 2x and having to find a large, 3BR rental that would run me as much as a mortgage or more.

  11. Someone else on here said 6,000 RMB for his quarantine. I would recommend bringing 2x that just to be safe if you are going to start work right after quarantine.

  12. Yes. I use it every day for coffee and tea. I'm surprised that so many people use bottled water for hot beverages. It is safe, but do not boil the water repeatedly, as the concentration of minerals from the pipes will make the water taste funny.

  13. So, this is normal in China. They do this to locals and foreigners, but foreigners are easier to trick. The issue is that the deposit typically hinges on a guarantee of you signing without many restrictions on what the landlord or agency can/cannot do. You would have needed a written agreement about the rules by which the deposit could be held/returned.

  14. My private employer has not prevented me from doing anything. Schools, private or public, however, are abiding by really strict rules. Students and teachers of all backgrounds are being told that they have to be local for 14 days prior to entering the campus.

  15. Technically no, but most teachers/schools are fine with it as long as the gift is small and does not pose potential conflicts of interest. For instance, Mojitorandy below said that 10,000 in gift cards is "more than just a kind gesture."

  16. I know many students have been able to leave without having any issues. HOWEVER, I have heard many, many stories about Chinese nationals being denied passport renewal. If your passport expires any time in the near future, I strongly suggest renewing it before coming back.

  17. Bit over 6k for two people, some are cheaper or more expensive though

  18. You should contact a visa agency for help with this. I have heard that they cannot convert it directly, but they should be able to change your work permit to a humanitarian visa, and then from that they can convert to a marriage visa. However, that is just hearsay, so an agent is the top choice.

  19. You can get it authenticated by the Chinese Ministry of Education for about $150. Versions authenticated by the Chinese Ministry of Education are the epitome of official documents in China. They will most definitely not ask you to get it done in the US if you have this.

  20. Dudes obviously a douche but nothing more frustrating when someone whos 1800 doesnt take advice from anyone with way higher exp

  21. Did the 1800 tell you that they were aiming to push or improve? Did the 1800 tell you that they were playing for ANY REASON other than to earn conquest and/or have fun?

  22. I have not noticed scowling at foreigners either. I am white and speak Chinese, so most people treat me as a novelty. I do not like the attention, but "scowling" seems over the top.

  23. Shanghai, NYC, LA, Shenzhen, are all this way. If a city sprung up with big money in a short span of time, then it will be this way. The places you are seeking, with soul and culture, can be found in old Shanghai or areas that are less developed. For example, Manhattan is soulless, but if you go to Brooklyn or the Bronx, the world comes alive. The same is true of the old areas of Shanghai. Unfortunately, unless you speak Chinese, those areas may not be easy to access.

  24. That seems kinda bad. I'm less experienced with no ms degree and can make that salary outside Shanghai.

  25. The issue is that there is a limit to how much they will pay.

  26. That's probably the tuition fee they get from one kid. And you are teaching 20 tbh.

  27. I know, but there is a limit to how much they will pay teachers because running a school incurs other expenses. Rent for the campus (because it is privately operated), compliance lawyers (for the CCP laws), registration and taxation requirements (again because it is private), recruitment and marketing (because students do not seek out many of these schools), etc.

  28. Damn so you are saying everything has to be resolved with money, nothing in court. So that’s not something just for laowai right? Everybody in China follow that process?

  29. This is true in the USA as well. Arbitration + settlement is much more common than you think. Most cases never see a courthouse.

  30. Thank you for this. I’m considering a well-paying job in Pudong but the news and vitriol on this sub is disheartening. It’s worse than

  31. I think that most of us are frustrated because of the lockdowns, and justifiably so. However, if we remove emotions from our viewpoints, then the fact is that China has pros and cons, just as any other country does. If you want to consider coming here, then you have to weigh those.

  32. I’ve asked in other places but only gotten condescension in response. I have two cats and some slightly specialized food sensitivities. In your opinion, can you get access to groceries as you need, medicine (statins and inhalers), and a flight out of Shanghai if things become too problematic? I’m willing to take risks if I can manage around thing and get out if I can’t. It’s incredibly hard to get a non-editorialized answer.

  33. Groceries are a yes normally, but during lockdown, it would be rough. If your allergies are eggs, nuts, and milk, then you'll be fine even during lockdown, since these are only rarely included in the food boxes.

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