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  1. Go ahead smoke more pills that have killed innocent fucking people I bet your the type to post a 300 count on snap and say “scripts”

  2. Hell naw.....I ain't asking for a medal,don't get me wrong,but I keep Naloxone within reach almost constantly,and certain peeps I go out the way to try to make the peeps and pills miss out on each other..for example,see one your peeps acting super impulsive while smoking crk,or even cigs?super heavy pharma perk user,snorts $70 pills in one line? maybe not let them touch this's not hard to deal responseably at all,but I never see it cept with myself,addmittaly

  3. Yes,bombest batch I ever seen..cuts thru 60mg methadone like I didn't dose that day or week at all,no cap

  4. Those are so fire . between my diehard love for Adidas/my fits in general,and maybe since I'm on hallucinogens quite regularly, including now,those look like a cute pitbull cat with Terry cloth fur..not gonna ask a stupid question,bout bout to furiously jump online ..killa picl up,mad props

  5. New here,just making this comment, hopein to be entered in any possible upcoming drawings🤷‍♂️....did kratom twice a few yrs ago (head shop trainwreck 🙄)...just started again less then a week ago,for kinda essential reasons (11 yr fetty habit,plus also hopeing to cut down and eventually stop an increaseinly serious amphetamine dependency)...

  6. Oh wow. I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to this. I generally get around to it every couple weeks, I’m also right in the middle of moving. Been in this house since ‘06 so it’s been a lot to pack!

  7. thank you, sorry I didn't see this notification until just now...your comment touched my heart,been hurting inside bad,and nobody to trust,flat out.. thank you

  8. Because I'm damn sure a dog doesn't have a concept of hallucinogens.

  9. Ok,but Im a cat lover,also had dogs around me my whole been tripping for over 27 year..I agree on the dog,or something similar,makes sense..what about cats? the whole thing you said about dogs/wavelengths etc ,is x10 with cats..we never had cats as hunting buddy's, unless I'm mistaken,do you have a cat theory?not being an ass,I'm just stoned AF so excuse my weird wording 🤣

  10. Cats eyes dilate often for their own hunting, far more than humans do, pretty sure they think you're hunting too.

  11. Ahaaaaa..makes more sense then any other possibility..I agree.. thanks,fam

  12. I have watered taint after I pee on my balls

  13. Inspired to create your username,you hacked Reddits retroactive machine,I love squirting pussys ,so I understand the fixation,we must be brothers from amother nother...🤦

  14. Thanks man, helps me power through. I got 2 cans of beer, think I’ll be good to down 1 before going to help ease anxiety?

  15. Most definitely,as long as you have a relitivley something something tolerance,and know exactly how a can or 2 effects you on the job..I will say, being up all night on coke,then a drank or 2 before work, would turn into literal nightmare,if your job is like a high pressure/think or/and "problem solve" on your feet" push you to the limit "type job,doubly so if you interact with Karen's daily!so would need more details for quality advice, feel me..also any substance or even just alcohol history/reputation at work,and even stereotypes,(do you have a look,persona that makes people think "this individual party's “..etc etc etc.,😁,comes into play

  16. Oh I’m not working btw, it’s a crazy golf thing which lasts 2-3 hours and we’re drinking/eating their too

  17. my bad, don't know how I missed that part..hope you had a chillax day, whichever decision you made... cheers

  18. I had a stroke reading this..but maybe it's the LSD.....?

  19. Well,one of the ways that can def give you a lil more peace of mind,is swallow,like a pill..the onset may be a lil bit longer (especially on a fullish tummy),but I never noticed a loss of potency/intensity...the most worrisome "fake LSD",is prolly NBoMe,and those are not active in stomach,only in swallow method isn't foolproof,but its def a built in NBOM defense,cuz real LSD will still hit you,NBOM will be destroyed...

  20. many NBombs, some will work in stomach some won't. Better research more.

  21. Thank you brah..I honestly didn't know that,and I and many others consider myself an expert on L in general (tried to say it with a non arrogant tone,but there isn't any TyPe oF cOmMunIction of this sort available for me ATM😥,so this my disclaimer)..I hope I didn't cause somebody to not bother ordering a test from Amazon and hurt someone,so you were def right calling me out a lil..How many nBomes are common (aren't they rare to begin with?)I've never even seen one in person,and they rarely show up on drugs,so I always low key assumed,it's a smart thing to do,if you are one of the probably millions of peeps that don't order or care about errlich tests,it's a better safeguard then crossing fingers and putting on tongue,I would think..but I pray nobody reads my comment and decide against ordering....I am a(recoveringish) fentanyl addict after all,so me giving harm reduction advice around here probably sounds ridiculous to you period..cheers

  22. I posted a similar question a few months ago(tried to find it but forgot I deleted it).,.mine was a found with no box..did you try scanning the QR?not sure it's an authenticator QR,prolly just takes you to the site,but never know..what I did was search this model on here,and then tagged the most recent, active poster with this model..go some good is a tricky knife to authenticate,cuz several versions and upgrades over the years mean ther are several authentics that look different upon closer examination,and it is a highly copied model as well, unfortunately..good luck


  24. Awwww thanks!! I was expecting stiff erect nipples and some nic vapey or weed smoky clouds,and I was hugely disappointed when I clicked that blur... anyway have a great Sunday

  25. My name Kodak black but when you see me I’m white- Kodak

  26. I burn a lotta money and I smoke a lot of spice😏

  27. Received mine today..a pack of Kratom/CBD gels,and another pack of Kratom/delta 8 gels ...ate one of the latter 90 mins ago,I'm sitting here with a silly's legit (I'm a daily delta 8 vapor,and struggle w/ opiate addiction for 13+ years,for context)I second the other commenters -I definitely advise against getting into kratom unless it's helping you stay off something else, delta 8 alone is a much safer and recreationally enjoyable thing for "drug naviat" type peeps😤🤣

  28. My heart keeps skipping beats,and stomach keeps dropping as I read your comment, agreeing wholeheartedly,then I go pale as I realize rights, constitutional things, freedom,all that is in danger right now,they already doing worse trying to overturn Roe I doubt these fuckers care they confident that the 12 shall overturn anything they damn want to.....scary shit...

  29. Thanks 😊..was kinda bored and feeling cute,so,🤷‍♂️

  30. I feel that...Just stay safe tread carefully,can always take more not less,start small , especially if a THC noobie or close,but I give that advice for anything,it's common sense....that's my advice,my fam...

  31. Anytime, sorry I'm kinda baked right now I would of worded that last response better,😁... have a great evening and weekend

  32. Every smoke/kratom/head type shop I've ever been in has a huge selection, usually ridiculous prices tho,...I love amazon for that tho,search "diversion safes",amazing crazy ass variety of creative safes,rangein from cheap junk that wouldn't fool a drunk Russian cop all the way to expensive sophisticated shit...hundreds of options.....and keep in mind cops are aware AF about diversion safes,for example a Pepsi can works great,but only if it's among others,like a resealed 12 pack or with a bunch more in the fridge,not in your cupholder next to a blunt..😉

  33. Deep breath,I got you...You will overcome..I have a mint condition Crosman Legacy 1000 pump action BB/Pellet rifle,a sealed 6000ct of copper BBs,a can of 500 lead pellets,and a sealed 250ct of copper pellets s....retail right now at say,Walmart for all would be $87+..I'm asking $40 for the whole set,OBO.... Fight fire w/ fire..text 216-929-9373

  34. I thought somebody touched your butt and you was giggling bout it(title)

  35. I'm fucking estatic about this news!!! I live/work on the east 99% of the time nowadays,but that will always be home to me,def gonna hit this up....also,I'm curious if there are any plans for welding activities and stuff,like "Welding Wednesdays" or something?🤷‍♂️

  36. Sorry for the confusion,lmao... happy to clarify,here ya go!!🤘😈

  37. Basically,it's referring to in your settings, clicking the permission to "allow to install unknown apps",which is usually off by default for a few reasons,most people either don't know,or don't trust ,or a combination of the 2 to mess with that setting,I think that's what they mean..

  38. Yes,shrooms /Lucy have a relatively hardcore cross tolerance..Plus your tolerance starts risein only an hour 2 hours after doseing..the only reason I agree with that 2 week thing,tho,is to encourage safety,and wisdom advice about tripping,it all depends on the person,body chemistry,diet millions of variables.. normally you would need to double or triple your dose to trip multiple days(not always tho) for me I don't need to increase my dosage till the 3rd day..but none of this is wise or responsible (to yourself) use of psychs,your shrooms tolerance,you say daily for weeks,negated any LSD effects..if you had shrooms once or twice even 3 days / a week ago, you should been tripping hard from the L,but definitely not if been doing it daily...I advise at least 3 to 7 days between trips to enjoy and feel full or near full effects, if you choose to go hard like that anything else(daily type use) is pointless on so many levels ( unless its like a once in blue moon festival weekend type thing or something) this sub ,and LSD sub,lots of good info,but remember everybody diff....all 💕,fam...

  39. Definitely clapping cheeks with someone you love,or even's majestic on every level... Watch Fear and Loathing during a peak ,at least once... Chilling at the beach, during day,or nite with a fire(if feastable to you,I live on Lake Erie,but I understand not always easy for some peeps)....those are the basics,I don't get all ceramoniel , personally, just like having fun while tripping,99% of the time...

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