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  1. Truth is harsh bro tbh height is always a physical advantage in a male .

  2. I enjoy all things Mike Flanagan these days. I haven't seen Midnight Club yet but his other Netflix shows have been great. More of a slow burn than direct horror. I cannot recommend Midnight Mass enough.

  3. you are talking about skilled personal even during covid when you call on the covid helpline the person was repeating things she had crammed and didnt know a single thing about she repeated the symptoms again and again the kind of sentences i can find in a book or on google and when asked to elaborate or explain it to us then nothing .they all get jobs by "recommendation"

  4. Ya Every Government Helpline Service Just Say only things that they have crammed no proper training no basic protocol about how to speak some of them are so rude and mean

  5. For me, my mom is perfectly fine with me spending all day gaming, but I prefer 10 hours of studying a day. Am I the weird one?

  6. Punjab could be a reason bcz a highest amount of debt

  7. chhath puja toh november december me hoti hai, march me kaha se, anyone from bihar pls confirm, bcoz abi november me mere ghar ke pass logo ne chhath puja manai thi or dubara itni jaldi same festival repeat thodi na hoga.

  8. Isn't chatt Pooja right after Diwali? Why this post now?

  9. Is it entertaining? Or the boring type of horror

  10. Boring u have to bleach your eyes after watching that shit

  11. At most spoiling their own movie is marketing 🤌

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