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  1. Today I learned as well! I’m obsessed with this game! How did I not see these?!

  2. I had tea with a woman at a patio table, floating on a raft in a sea of stars. At the end she said "I always enjoy our time together, but if you don't wake up yoll be late for work."

  3. Aww. That’s so cool and sweet. Sounds like your inner self truly loves you.

  4. Now see I'm the kind of person that would immediately wake up and start scouring my dating apps for his picture

  5. Same. I had a dream of what I thought would be my future baby. Scoured google for the image of my newborn baby. That was years ago, I still don’t have kids, but that baby was so real.

  6. I am simply unlucky then, cuz I made a girl wiz just to see how bad it is. But I got my balance to 160 without a single bad experience. Granted, I was speedquesting and didn't spend a minute in the commons yet.

  7. Same. Got hit on once and I’ve played the game for years, all female characters. If your in the commons or use the team up, it’s more likely.

  8. Have a cousin that ghosted the entire family when he left the church. I did not talk to him for 10 years and finally got his number and texted him to let him know I was out too. So we started taking about what was it that did it. Book of Abraham was the big one for him.

  9. I’ve ghosted all my extended family since half of them are still Mormon. I only speak to one cousin because he’s not Mormon and we play Dungeons & Dragons 🧝🏼‍♂️ together.

  10. While I do agree to an extent people are stupid, you gotta keep in mind the individual may not be able to read text up close without glasses (but can read far enough with/without glasses to drive). Not all disabilities are visible.

  11. That’s true. When I have customers say they can’t read the screen, I’ll just repeat their order, the price, then tell them to drive through.

  12. …and managers can’t communicate. The sign on the left could be formatted much better.

  13. A lot of the times, if you use your work email in your my maccas app account, you’ll automatically get a 20% staff discount that you can use any time you use the app. Usually there is also a staff discount your managers can give you when you order at the location you work at. Every maccas is different. My location takes 50% off.

  14. 50% off the whole order? At my store here in the UK, you get 50% off 2 meals only

  15. This could be a variation of the DocuSign type scam. Use caution:

  16. It was from my work. I did a thorough read of the document and they knew information about my job I don’t tell people.

  17. Sign now is a legitimate document signing site. If you’re used to signing e-docs, it’s more possible they just changed providers. Since you get these already, I really wouldn’t see an issue to be sketched out.

  18. Update: I checked out the document, it was from my employers. Thanks, Vgari. This is why I’m here on Reddit.

  19. I laughed at your "men bent over elbows on knees." When we were involved my husband would put his scriptures on the floor and then bend over with his elbows on his knees as if he was reading. That man could sleep in the most god awful positions.

  20. My own father would sleep in that exact position during sacrament. Haha! I don't know how he does it. Church makes him really tired. He has a nap after church like clockwork.

  21. Whenever someone would ask me how church was I would always say peaceful. If they probe further I would say I slept peacefully.

  22. I get sore feet after four hours and I’ve had similar issues. I’d recommend some leg stretches and icing your sore muscles before and after work. See which stretches help your legs. I can give you examples of stretches, I just don’t know the names of the stretches

  23. Wow, mine is really bad then. I know victoria is expensive, but this is ridiculous.

  24. This was probably the "pancake cuddle in bed" mod. It's been updated now. I wasn't getting the "sleep" option for beds either until I updated/removed it.

  25. So I did call and the manager said they are finishing up the last paperwork and I will get a call in a couple days.

  26. I had a very VERY similar thing happen to me. I was miserable for a few years living with my parent and step parent. I wrote a letter saying what bothered me and they blew up.

  27. If it's bagged, if the bin hasn't been emptied yet, and it's the right bin (don't go putting it into recycling, or into green waste if that's not permitted in that area) so you don't get whoever lives there into strife.

  28. This is the right answer. I have two dogs and I do just this. If the bins are empty, I don’t throw it in. If the bins not out, same. It’s not a big deal to carry poop the whole walk, especially if it’s a short 15 min one.

  29. I got stuck on my Ice main as well. I found it much better to play with a second person.

  30. It is extremely awful how strict schools are about bathroom breaks. There is a whole number of reasons why a person can’t sit still in a box for hours on end. Sometimes that bathroom break is the only chance they get for fresh air.

  31. You have a very calming voice. It’s lovely. There’s a lot of… smacking? If that makes sense. I liked your comments about your squishies, your ideas behind them, and the little comments about the recording mishaps. I def would have sped it up a little bit. Other then that, I like it. Your ideas and creativity is great.

  32. I thought it was on clouds for a second there. They’re rocks. Silly me. I love the colors and the stark contrast between the plants and orange!

  33. There's a scene in my fan novel where Jake and Neytiri spend the night with their queues still attached.

  34. I'd imagine it'd be too stimulating to actually fall asleep while connected, brain needs calm to do the snooze

  35. True. It would be difficult to sleep when your mind is connected to someone else’s.

  36. The disrespect in this is insane. Putting quotes for every time she says husband. Being absolutely racist to OPs spouse, trashing on other family members! Wow! She really destroyed the relationship you two had, or, what was left of it.

  37. Oh that happens to me a lot too!! I get comments about my customer service voice like 15 times a day, people saying kind things like “you have such a nice voice! I thought you were automated!”, “You’re voice is so calming!”, “I love your voice, you should do radio!”. All of which is very sweet, but it’s become a bit of an inside joke between my coworkers and I because That Is Not My Voice. I created a very specific customer service voice so that the distortion from the speakers didn’t make my regular speaking voice sound atrocious and so that older folks could have an easier time hearing me. The first day I started using it a customer came through the DT and when he went to pay he said “I hope this isn’t weird to say, I don’t want to creep you out or anything but you have such a lovely voice. It just sounds like you’re smiling. It’s so nice and calming that if I was ever having a bad day I’d just want to come here and order just to listen to you talk and my day would be so much better.” It was so sweet I almost cried a bit, it was a couple months ago now but I just can’t forget how sweet he was and how much he made my day. I’ve been using that voice to talk to customers ever since and still get comments on it at least a couple times a day.

  38. Because I’m American and McDonald’s is an American franchise originally, they mistake me as a robot on rare occasion. I also use a different voice. A customer service voice. It feels natural to do that when talking to customers, I don’t know why.

  39. I get told that I'm their favorite person at the store all the time but the best customer is the one that put money where their mouth is and gave me a $100 tip. I usually only average about $5 a week in tips.

  40. That’s so cool. I get Pennie’s in tips and always put it in the donation jar. I don’t want peoples leftover change.

  41. Yeah. I filter the oil vats in the morning sometimes, and have to carry the metal that the baskets sit on, into the wash room. The metal is hot and dangerous. I can’t shout “stay back! It’s hot! Because I have a plastic guard over my face. Makes me worried when someone tries to pass me while I’m carrying it.

  42. It’s difficult to interpret a dream without full context of the dream.

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