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7 yeaes ago I held a gun to my head during a suicidal ideation episode after a friend kicked me out of their house for showing up drunk. 7 years later I'm sober, in active recovery and have my first tree since.

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  1. Maybe it’s me but I like register. I’m fast as hell at it, mostly cause I just scare people into ordering. (I’m very ….dry.)

  2. Would Mr. Mrs. Ms. And Miss fall under the scope of an honorific? Or sir and ma’am?

  3. This show is pure fluff. The plot is two impossibly good looking boys being in love. That's it. No story, no angst, no character growth. I love it!

  4. I’ve told this before but back in the day when we had headsets with battery packs and wire connecting to the headset I was rounding the bar to finish up closing and it caught the pump arm of a full pumpkin and flipped it. It went EVERYWHERE. the ceiling. Me. The floor. The espresso machine. Every. Where. I cried.

  5. A lady tried to order two travelers 5 min before closing. I laughed. Like laughed. Out loud. And just said “that’s not gonna happen.”

  6. Because I decided that if you want children, it should be the number one thing that you want. You shouldn’t have children out of some sort of societal pressure, or religious pressure. You should have children because it’s the thing you want most in the world. And it isn’t that for me.

  7. So I stopped watching it so I could binge it once it’s done but now I don’t wanna. 😭

  8. I'm pretty sure it will be a happily ever after on the 20th so maybe wait until then to start. It's a really well done series (acting, cinematography, etc.)

  9. It is a lot more work. As someone who has been a shift since Aug ‘18 and spent 2+ years as a drive lead and then xfered to a cafe …drives are far more work. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

  10. History 3 Trapped is great. (TaiwaneseBL) (Viki) (Mafia vibes, enemies to lovers)

  11. Would you recommend watching HIStory3 Trapped and MODC only?? And skipping the rest. I've read the synopsis and they don't seem connected. I always see HIStory recommended but it's a bit confusing that there's 2,3,4 and multiple series on 2 and 3, I get they are like eras ¿?

  12. The only ones with any interconnected are MODC and history 4. There is also a small connection MODC and history 1 episode 2 “stay away from me” but honestly it isn’t important.

  13. Thaaank you so much for the explanations, guess I'm gonna start with Trapped and then MODC (thank you for all the spoiler warnings hahahaha, I didn't read it, will come back to the comment after watching it I guess). And after it I might watch the second 4 eps of HIStory 2 as you suggest :)

  14. Starbucks actually has rules against studying drinks or doing ANY work outside of the time you’re clocked in. It sounds weird but the siren wants to make sure you get paid for all the work you do, just like you deserve :) before I started working here, like 3 years ago, I googled what working at Starbucks would be like and I saw over and over again that it takes around 6 months to really be comfortable on bar. So don’t worry about not being perfect, it’s great that you’re constantly trying and continually learning as new challenges come your way. Honestly I don’t think anyone could ask for more. There’s a lot to memorize, and that takes time! You got this! Don’t stress about it, your still learning and you’ve always got your fellow partners to help you and answer question. Everyone’s been new before 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Best advice I can give, stop thinking of them as all separate drinks. There are like 7 categories. Refresher Iced tea Lattes Frappuccinos Cold brew Iced coffee Shaken espressos.

  16. As someone still dealing with ideation, I’m so incredibly proud of you. Look at you go! How amazing are you! ♥️♥️♥️

  17. Might I ask what ideation is? Google just says the creation of ideas but that doesn’t feel right in this context

  18. Suicidal thoughts Also called: Suicidal ideation Main Results Description Thinking about or planning suicide.

  19. What happened? Did someone only put one cube in the cold brew maker?

  20. I say mayonnaise like “man-nayz” which I feel is common from where I’m from. However, upon reading it here I most definitely read it as “may-oh-nayz”.

  21. I’m tired of them being selfish assholes. Like …this can be about me. It’s ok.

  22. I would very much like to lay down and sleep until I’m not tired anymore.

  23. This is …so sad. What’s weird is reading the juxtaposition of one teenager, being executed for killing their stepmother, and two of them being executed for watching/distributing South Korean movies.

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