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  1. The part that makes me giggle the most is that I guarantee that the producers contacted a ton of Christian asssholes...I mean influencers, and no one fell for it, but Paul and Morgan's dumbasses!! I think they speaks volumes about their ability to survive in the real world.

  2. They’re perfect because they’re stupid enough to say yes.

  3. Where on earth was porn available in school libraries? Like they are just making up problems that didn't actually exist

  4. They have taken to referring to sex education materials as porn. Like, basic anatomy line drawings.

  5. Yeah, this is terrible. For context, the character (Killgrave) that David is portraying in this picture is a rapist. The meme is gross without that context, but for those who know what show the photo is from, it’s even more gross. Queer people are not controlling, grooming, rapists. Jessica Jones would not stand for her image and trauma being used this way.

  6. I feel conflicted because the meme is horrible as hell but I really like the makeup choices on Tennant.

  7. Yes, thank you. I'm a mainstream Christian. I don't feel attacked in the least and am glad to see these people get called out.

  8. Almost everyone they interviewed is still Christian. I don’t understand how anyone could see it as a 180 360 degree universal attack.

  9. Schools are allowed in invite outside speakers. The Gothard public school curriculum is about “building

  10. Lol! But in all seriousness, what it’s saying between the lines is recycled Nazi propaganda, as the Nazis were very much advocates of purging undesirables.

  11. Gothard is basically Warren Jeff's without the wives. IBLP was a way for him to exert control and the more control he got the more he needed in order to get the same pleasure. Eventually it led to sexual harassment and assault. That man should be in prison.

  12. I’m in the er right now and all it gets is weird fundie Christian talking head channels, one was talking about homeschooling ala SOTDRT/Meech, then the next one was five male church leaders talking for an hour about how a woman’s place is to submit to her husband including her voice and how even female pastors are a bad idea because of a bunch of cliche myths about those darn womenfolk and their tiny emotional & childish brains. 😓🤢🤮😨😱

  13. I remember being in the ER waiting room after my house fire because my fiance was being put into a coma, and apparently at 5AM that's all they have on. Was making my anxiety so much worse.

  14. You’re making me so happy that my last ER visit I got a History Channel marathon of The Food That Built America. I love that shit.

  15. You can download universal remote apps that will work on some public televisions.

  16. Yup!!!! Like, who said anything about sexually grooming kids? Whoever smelt it dealt it. Freaks.

  17. His name is Pastor Bill Ligon. I rewound so I could catch his name.

  18. “Wonderful, a double order of liver and onions, extra rare, coming right up!”

  19. “Search my name and you’ll see that I’m slandered — they call me a minor fundie!!!”

  20. Ah yes, getting repeat panic attacks in the same location has nothing to do with anxiety or agoraphobia or habituation, it’s clearly a spiritual attack. College is satanic, y’all.

  21. I feel bad for her, though. The only way she’s able to contextualize her uncontrolled anxiety is that “Satan is attacking.” As someone that has been through years of therapy for anxiety, I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I didn’t have the tools (including medication) to reel it in. I’ve spent a long, long time on not beating myself up for it and working to reduce some of the triggers. If I thought that an evil spirit was causing it instead of a combo of high stress/lack of sleep/alcohol/etc, I’d be unable to function.

  22. I can feel bad for her past personal experience and also despise her for perpetuating this nonsense where it will spread to the kids she courts in her social media.

  23. Does the bill say that cisgender people need to see the doctor in person for the exact same medications? If it only requires transgender people to see them in person, it's discrimination.

  24. 100%. No one cared when I was prescribed hormone therapy at age 12, because I’m cisgender.

  25. It’s pretty rare these days to see actual doctors for routine appointments. Are you suggesting we require them for birth control hormones too?


  27. Or a doctor. The note is true. It’s relevant information for medical treatment (say, if she needed a c-section).

  28. Using marijuana non-habitually years ago is not relevant for anesthesia.

  29. None of your mom friends and none of class RSVPd but you went ahead with party? Why put him thru that ? Why not just make an extra special birthday day for him somewhere really expensive, like take him out of town .

  30. She said none of them RSVPed “no”.

  31. There’s no Bates insider willing to go on camera and spill tea.

  32. Oh! The courting song. That’s where I recognized you from.

  33. It surprises me that they live in such a liberal state!

  34. More people voted for Trump in California than any other state.

  35. Oh hey, they’re hiring. Wonder what that would be like.

  36. And this is his second incident. He was already arrested for videotaping an adult woman.

  37. There was an amazing article about this called: "The American Madrassas".

  38. I believe this is the article, from the way back archives:

  39. Like I need a season two (of sorts) bc the political rabbit hole needs more light shed on it.

  40. We all need to email Amazon and let them know we want more.

  41. I said this in another comment but I just googled and they have a campus sponsored LGBTQ group. Was not expecting that!

  42. It’s my understanding that they legally have to allow that group if they have other groups and accept federal funding.

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