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  1. Have you ever actually tried fish fingers and custard?

  2. You can’t. They actually know it isn’t, but are either trolling or desperately need to believe it is for religious reasons. Either way, you ain’t changing shit.

  3. Yeah go figure. I’m trying to tell someone that it’s actually round and spherical but all that happens is that when I bring science into the equation they just say the scientists are being paid lots of money to not reveal the truth and that all photos of earth from space are photoshopped and that the curvature of the earth from when you send a camera up into space with a balloon is just the camera lense making the curve.

  4. Better to run and hide than face my problems head on. It’s hard to be happy and have a clear mind when your surrounded by people who are somewhat successful when your a massive failure, failing in school and everything else in life when the people who pushed you to try harder when they failed just see disappointment when they end up like them as a struggle when the others they surround themselves with are full of success.

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