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  1. Well yeah but we would fuck them up too. The only way to better ourselves as a race is to fix what we fucked up.

  2. just get console it's standard across the board an will be relevant 2yrs+ into next gen

  3. Yeah but a console isn't as flexible. You can't play crappy steam games on a console

  4. honestly if you're on budget crappy steam games is all your gunna get so variety is out the door

  5. Computers don't have to be expensive lmao. You don't need top of the line parts to play the latest titles. You can put together a 150 dollar computer and get good frames. And anyways a next gen console is like 500 dollars anyways and you can get a better pc for that

  6. What do you mean with a story that ties into the game the story is literally in the game

  7. Trust many people who like dust are the opposite of wanting an interesting story that was nothing but Bleak Grim dark

  8. I think future games do need to be more bleak and dark whilst also being unforgiving. Think instead of you being the main character you just gotta try and survive, trusting someone could get you killed, you have to have enough to eat or you die and its game over for that character, gotta make sure your guns or weapons are clean otherwise they jam and you die becuase you can't shoot back, gotta make sure that you pay up to the raiders otherwise they kill you and your family and destroy what you have worked for. If that seems boring you could go adventure into the wasteland, but quess what happens? You get diseases that will kill you, you get eaten etc. Death leads to a game over of that person and you must continue as someone else. Unforgiving. bad desisions lead to bad consequences. Fallout doesn't have enough bad consequences which it really should.

  9. Well to be sure, no one actually knows becuase it's somewhere around 500 but there isnt actually a counter. And also if you are free to play you have to get to level 2000 to get one

  10. If we did find aliens we would have to leave them alone. We don't know what they know

  11. Your gpu is good but eveything else... It will drop in frames becuase you have little ram.

  12. So upgrading ram should fix it? Thanks for reply.

  13. Not exactly. I have 32 gigs of ddr4 and I still get frame drops. So I think it's something that will just happen

  14. To be honest it's not that far fetched. It would be easy to employ gamers as people to control rc delivery robots or something

  15. Days Gone is such a weird game. The gameplay is basically exactly what I want from a zombie open world romp, but the story completely ruins it by being almost good.

  16. Totally agree. I found myself mocking the story during my entire play through, but the gameplay and the actual game design is brilliant. I was really hoping they would make a sequel with better writing, but I’m excited to see what Bend studio does next

  17. I think bend could take what they did with it and make a sandbox type game then write a story to go with it. Like fallout where you don't actually need to progress in the story to do things but still has one. Weapons, vehicles, coop and some rpgs would make it much better

  18. Being dead in a day is absolutely a big deal

  19. Well yeah but if everyone else is also dead then you can't really complain because you can't stop it. What I'm trying to say is that in modern times if one nuke is launched then all of them globally will be and either you get killed by the bombs themselves or the aftermath of them.

  20. I would much prefer to die by the bombs. The aftermath seems so much worse.

  21. Exactly. All you have to do is watch a single after nuke apocalypse movie or play a fallout game or something to understand that the bomb or a bullet is much more appealing then radiation

  22. In my opinion, somewhere in the future we as a race need to think about it and stop it from getting any more advanced. It is already putting so many people out of jobs. People dream that if AI takes all the jobs then we won't have to work a day but that's not how society works and they will starve and die. Only the elite and super rich will survive AI

  23. Could be a hardware issue if you have an older computer. If not then I don't know. (I know some games refuse to launch on my old laptop becuase it is not very good)

  24. This is a good idea. Kids need more places to play together safely online

  25. I agree after having read the whole post - The initial title had me a bit nervous, but that was why I read on.

  26. I think your gpu is slightly outdated for Rdr2. Maybe turn down your graphics a bit and if not then all you can do is cry.

  27. I think to really understand why we would need to understand micah and his incentives

  28. You lose horses and saddles but not weapons. Also don't spent crazy money now save it till after you have finished the prologue becuase you will get enough to buy anything you ever want from a mysterious benefactor

  29. I do not care. It is essentially the same thing just that one comes before and one after

  30. Asda and any supermarket is the first and last place you wanna be in a zombie apocalypse. You get there first and make some freinds then you can hoard the entire store and build a settlement around it or become ultra capitalist and feed people Inreturn of labour (essentially making you a slaver) but if it has already been raided then there is no point becuase you can't make an ultra capitalist empire out of it becuase there is nothing there. Also in a zombie apocalypse, realistically you will be dead from the start.

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