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  1. When two people love each other very much...

  2. Keep in mind that filters dramatically increase the complexity and unresponsiveness of the image. I save them for last. Or if you want a pro tip: make the stroke fairly exaggerated, convert stroke to path, then use the node tool to really give the stroke some interesting shapes. It will take time but the result will be much more visually interesting and the file size/responsiveness will be snappier.

  3. In general the Durham Writer's Group is very healthy and active. Shut Up And Write is not strictly related but it's mostly the same people. Shut Up And Write is very quiet and writing focused, like a self-imposed study hall with a bit of banter at the beginning. You chat a bit then go to a corner and write.

  4. wicked good to know - would definitely be interested in checking out the sci fi group. thank you much!

  5. Next Tuesday! Keep in mind this might be a wonky meeting with the schedule confusion.

  6. I want to make sure I understand. You're asking how to make something inherently not smell like itself? I don't think that's how scent works.

  7. I’m sorry but who is Kenji? And why does this sub mainly use their recipes

  8. Kenji is a food writer who worked at America's Test Kitchen, then did a site that many of us feel is superior called Serious Eats. He has a knack for really getting to the heart of what makes a recipe work and communicating that well. On a personal note I'll say Kenji has changed my cooking life forever and I'm grateful.

  9. My feed is all boobs. I'm not saying I've never clicked on a video with boobs in it... but generally I'm there for crafting and DIY tutorials. So I don't understand why my feed is 96% "click on my boobs" now.

  10. What do you call a dark wizard with no body and no nose?

  11. Never lived in SF or any other part of CA but I bitch about the Mexican food situation all the time. It might be the weakest part of a food scene that honestly isn't particularly strong to begin with.

  12. The New York Times Food section called Roxboro Road "The epicenter of taquerias on the East Coast." So if that's the weakest part of our food scene, we're good.

  13. They... will... never... have... the... time... to articulate... their... disgust... with us... before... we've... finished... pointing out... how Insert tiktok closer here.

  14. bruh yur doing it wrong like dont use punctuation or sentence cuz the half second of typing i know right its a new way but yolo just get right into it

  15. I've only ever heard of PIPs as a CYA for HR before they fire someone. I'm not saying that no one un-ironically uses PIPs. I'm saying if you're on PIP, I'd be hardcore looking for another job.

  16. Something is trying to get out. Maybe a chest-o-drawers burster.

  17. Yeah I stick to the times and maybe add an extra minute or two if the chunks are big. Better to underboil than overboil IMO although it is a balance.

  18. Are you turning it? Oak is one of my least favorite woods to turn. It splinters easily, especially at the thin spindle widths we deal with. It dulls HSS tools quickly.

  19. After decades of trial and error here are three recommendations:

  20. I did an almost identical setup in heavy red clay. Here's the choices I made:

  21. I have no advice but I have to know if you somehow pull this off lol. I beat that mission on maddening for the first time recently and the thought of doing it without rescue seems straight impossible to me

  22. If you use Rescue, that puts the duke within talking distance. And when he talks to you, all the monsters/reinforcements spawn all over the map and you're boned. So factor that in.

  23. Agree so much. I just can't understand Shiki Sushi's popularity.

  24. shhh... don't tell people about the Kurama sushi counter.

  25. Bro kurama isn’t some hidden gem it’s one of the few chapel hill establishments that’s not gone out of business

  26. There are many things wrong with that sentence.

  27. Thank you! This whole thing made me realize that this is not the most comfortable thing to wear into battle lol

  28. Haha, Viva la Dirt League has some skits on that:

  29. Because Jeff Sutherland is a very charismatic, forceful personality who became the face of agile. The manifesto took great pains to be methodologically agnostic. Jeff took great pains to give everyone an implementation strategy. I use a lot of Jeff's ideas and appreciate them but scrum does not speak for the wider agile community.

  30. Take your file and print it on three different printers using the same print settings. In my experience each of them will come out differently. Sometimes up to 20mm different. To see it in action stack the printed pages and hold them up to the light.

  31. When you've tried what I suggest -- printing the same document with the same settings on two different printers -- you will understand.

  32. By the College Media Association, in which WNCU, WXDU and WXYC do not participate…

  33. 2nd in the country in whatever association they're with is still positive, no?

  34. Sure. If you value the metrics for which they’re honored. Stations like WXDU and WXYC aren’t inherently designed to be training grounds for future journalists and music biz types, so their lack of participation in an industry group, and subsequent awards, don’t make them any less valid or valuable, of course.

  35. I'm not sure where you got the idea I'm dissing other local stations. OP was asking about 88.1.

  36. It's scribbled on a white board by the register.

  37. You're only saying that because you have to buy a lathe stand, gouges, grinder, grinding jig, face shield, sandpaper, chuck, tri-wheel support thingie, calipers, and better toolrest.

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