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  1. Call me crazy but I like official documentation as long as it is still up to date and preferably has some examples.

  2. Some documentation is really good. For example, the Win32 API is awful to use but the documentation itself is actually really good.

  3. Apple did that for the timer app for some god-forsaken reason

  4. Only a Java programmer would be psychopathic enough to put their coffee mug on their keyboard

  5. I wish my Piazza message boards were like this. The most exciting thing that happened in mine was someone posted a screenshot of himself using ChatGPT to cheat on the homework

  6. why would someone do that. he only had his grade to lose and nothing to gain.

  7. Rust is love. Rust is life. Submit to Rust. Rust is superior. Embrace it now. Join us. Let us be blazingly fast together.

  8. The Rust legal team will be in contact shortly, as you mentioned Rust but did not explicitly state that you are not affiliated with the Rust Foundation.

  9. People in this sub don’t actually program they just post vaguely right sounding stuff.

  10. Furry sith fanfiction exist. Do what you want with that information

  11. Please do research on them if you haven't. Slobber is something not everyone can deal with or the musk smell. 160lbs Bloodhound lives here and he's a riot.

  12. Seconded. Don’t get a bloodhound unless you’re willing to scrub slobber from your ceiling daily. That’s not even an exaggeration, they will sling slobber into every possible spot, and some spots that you’d swear were impossible.

  13. Not just frequent, but loud too. I swear I can hear mine from a half mile away

  14. Jesus Christ. Just use a char[64] and for the love of god don't go causing undefined behaviour. I beg you.

  15. I forget. Can the United States supreme Court rule if a state governing body is accused of doing ridiculously unethical crap?

  16. Whether or not they could, do you really think the current Supreme Court would find this unethical?

  17. Which is the weirdest thing Americans do.

  18. Our way of coping with the fact that we live in America is pretending that we’re from other countries

  19. No, fortunately not lol. It’s just an irrational fear I have

  20. No, you have it backwards: Tom Fischbach’s brother is a youtuber

  21. Actually, no! Relativistically, the mass of any closed system is conserved. Even if some of the matter in the system is converted into energy, the mass remains constant

  22. I am in a quantum state of attention. I am both paying attention and not until I am observed

  23. What kind of 3D printer do you have that accepts radioactive filament?

  24. It’s the shape that makes it deadly, not the radioactivity

  25. I grew up in a bumfuck town in wnc, lived in Asheville for the past decade. I live within a 5 minute walk to 20 or so restaurants/bars/attractions and I have tons of critters floating around in the yard. I would never go back to living in small rural place that has nothing to do. Probably just the classic introvert/extrovert thing

  26. I also live within a few minutes walk of several restaurants, bars, and shops. They’re all pretty expensive and they’re always loud and crowded. Even though they’re only a few minutes away, I can almost never walk anywhere without someone trying to sell me something, ask me for a donation, or introduce me to Jesus.

  27. Cities can be well designed and beautiful or completely horrible places to live. It's not as simple as rural vs urban. Look up not just bikes, he goes into depth about this. But the gist of it is that cities can be beautiful places to live when designed around people and prioritize humans in their design over cars. That's basically it, vut there's so much more to it.

  28. I already watch Not Just Bikes and I’m aware about how awful cars are and how necessary alternative transportation is. Cars are a big issue that I have with cities, and if cities were less car-dependent I would like them more, but even so I’d still prefer the country.

  29. Stupid question for native speakers, would sound different if it said "you might" instead of "you may"?

  30. “You might” implies it’s something that may happen accidentally

  31. It’s true. I’m a comp sci student and I spend just about all my free time drawing furries

  32. Hmm, why might you think that? I have absolutely no clue as to why you would think that. Yup, no idea at all.

  33. He knows how to code. As a computer science major, dead giveaway

  34. It’s just another way of writing the greek letter delta: δ

  35. I pray for your soul. Is it special relativity or general. Assume special since you need like a whole uni course dedicated to general relativity to even come closer to understanding anything bout it

  36. Yeah it’s only special relativity, which was actually surprisingly easy. I expected it to be much worse, but it was just algebra.

  37. I'm literally going backwards, I only just started getting gamecube games for my wii.

  38. If you haven’t yet, you’ve gotta play the original Luigi’s Mansion

  39. Im curious what exaxtly do they teach in american history classes

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