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Texas Medical Association says hospitals are refusing to treat women with pregnancy complications

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  1. While income definitely affects crime rate and poor neighborhoods have more crime, countries like Rwanda manage 1/3 of the murder rate as the US. The issue is guns. I honestly just don't want people to have them. I don't think they need them. Arguing about minorites and the working class is a red herring. Rich people shouldn't have guns and poor people shouldn't have them either.

  2. It's a red herring because you can say that about any piece of criminal legislation. The actual root of the issue you are referring to is wealth distribution and police enforcement.

  3. Late response because I kept getting distracted but I still wanted to respond to this. Apologies.

  4. This is what American unexceptionalism does to a mf

  5. Even if he isn’t influencing people, his comedy emboldens transphobes to be more out and proud about their transphobia, which creates a more hostile environment

  6. Again, it wouldn't be the reality if we actually did the work which is what I am saying above.

  7. I see this type of speech a lot of people going “oh clearly theyre doing this for there long game plan” and implying they have some long complicated plan for economic success is entirely missing the point. If republicans cant look twenty years in the past do you really expect them to be able to look twenty years into the future?

  8. It’s not even that for a lot of them. A lot of them genuinely don’t like women and think they should be punished for having sex

  9. Why are most of the pro-trans replies so dumb like people don’t know how to make a point damn that’s irritating lol

  10. I know right? I’m becoming increasingly worried that a significant portion of the left only holds their leftist ideals because of some sort of material conditions. So whether they are a minority of some kind, or they thought trump was kinda rude and crass (I mean, he was rude and crass, but that’s like number 71398 to dislike him), or maybe they didn’t like Bush back in the day or whatever, I feel like many liberals and leftists have never actually examined their own views and values in any meaningful way, and that makes them incredibly unable to make actual arguments and incredibly susceptible to propaganda in the future.

  11. You completely misapprehended what my point was. I wasn't saying people wouldn't be swayed towards veganism by him as a criticism in itself; I was saying that his attempt to sway people won't be more successful than mine, even though he thinks his politeness will push the needle.

  12. Dude just turn off the internet. It can’t be healthy to be this mad about something so wrong. Also your posturing to seem like an intellectual is not fooling anyone.

  13. There still was no government mandate on vaccines

  14. Remember his 100 day plan to "hold Biden accountable". Going well right? Or what about when the green party offered to run him as their candidate? If Bernie went to the Greens after either attempt at President he could've killed the dems and put a new party on the map (there is historical precedent for such things, its how the republican party outpaced the whigs).

  15. I don’t know… the Republican Party came about at a time when the parties were still shifting around. But ever since then it’s pretty much set in stone. Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party, was unable to win against a fairly low approval incumbent, even with his immense popularity. I just don’t see Bernie winning a presidential without the D support

  16. Bro, G Dub was fucking normal compared to any of the bullshit that’s come after him.

  17. “G Dub” didn’t attempt overthrow democracy, sure. But he destabilized the Middle East even further than this country already had.

  18. Natives also routinely wiped out other tribes, it was the nature of warfare at the time in a great many cases. War and genocide went hand in hand for much of history until the industrialization of genocide made humanity flinch at the prospect.

  19. Human history has pretty much all been violence, conquering, and genocide, but that doesn’t mean that we should just pretend that it doesn’t matter today and that anyone who brings it up is some “white-hating wokist” or something.

  20. I think Murdoch wrote this one himself:

  21. There are plenty of democrats who believe Roe was wrong because the court decision gave people a “right” versus the people we elect to make laws and give us rights. The court felt the same way. And every state but one that I know of still allows abortion, so who is being denied a “human right”?

  22. How? It was a conservative majority congress that kept Garland from being appointed. It was a conservative president and conservative congress that got three (more) conservatives appointed to the court.

  23. Have won. It's too late. Abandon all hope. The US is failed state.

  24. This exact type of talk is how the right wins.

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