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My Girl surprising me a month before my birthday with this!

I needed this today

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  1. Why is everyone saying he has a small dick? He looks average or slightly above

  2. Wow. You must be a long time lurker to capture something so high quality as your first post

  3. I may have misunderstood your comment, I thought you meant the truck that was hit then hit the blue car would be liable.

  4. I was with you. My brain read "the car that was rear ended is liable-" meaning the cam vehicle. But I just read too fast and added a word that wasn't there

  5. I read the same thing but I’m curious on how. If the elevator going up, at that speed, hit the top of the shaft, did it crash back down? Did the elevator box crush at the top? I’m curious to how this would have looked

  6. The sudden stop would have flung him against the elevator ceiling, hard. He wasn't protecting his head so his spine probably got obliterated

  7. I confess I've done this before but will pay them 100g for their time and I apologise.

  8. I went for a long run without underwear and got testicular torsion, this is getting a big no from me. I’m in pain just watching it

  9. Tell your raid and not bunch of randos on a forum? What a dumb post.

  10. The best part of leveling two and a half paladins during vanilla classic was getting to binge watch South Park from episode 1 while I did

  11. It really is a brain off class and I love it. Levelling a ret pally and watching iasip

  12. Use taunt to pull mobs when you got it, it deals nice DMG that way And good luck brother, first 50lvls are the worst

  13. I like to open with Taunt, exorcism while they run to you,then judgment when in range

  14. Or worse, rolling jn a wet spot on your bed prior to sex.

  15. Farting while sitting or wearing tight pants and having it go forward bubbling up through my labia

  16. I completely misunderstood the title at first and thought it's your daughter who's back home early from college just to give you presents.

  17. And that's why you always do it alone in your garage.

  18. He looks a whole lot less threatening once you realize that the antenna…nubs? bases?…idk, the circular bits at the bottoms of his antennas, are not his eyes.

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