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  1. You have to replenish made me think of that ITYSS skit about giving. "Ya gotta give"

  2. Honestly the final episode of apple tv new show Severance was pretty fire

  3. I know these are fun to squish out, but it's sort of pointless in that they'll just fill back up with sebum. And squeezing your nose like that can burst vessels that take a while to disappear

  4. Yup. Kind of bittersweet as I used to never last very long before getting on lex. But yeah, no easy finishes. Can be frustrating maybe explore your kinks if you haven't already?

  5. My mom stored her Christmas tree in the “water heater room” off their carport. She’d wired every ornament to the branches, because, cats. She’d drag it out there, toss a sheet over it after the holidays, and be done. For some reason a plumber or HVAC guy was out there, and she saw him come shooting out, and rip his coveralls off. That entire room was infested with black widows, and they were all through the Christmas tree. She had the whole area nuked, and apparently, the charred remains of the tree were up at the street within a few hours.

  6. Their muscles are built differently than ours. Our muscles are in average 70% slow-twitch fibers and 30% fast-twitch fibers, ape and most monkey muscles are the other way around, about 70% fast-twitch fibers.

  7. I feel like when I'm drunk my 70:30 twitch fiber ratio temporarily swaps to an ape's 30:70

  8. I'd give it a shot! Either I die and my money problems are over with, or I'd survive and my money problems are over with.

  9. I remember a woman who did it with her butthole when it closed it filled the butt of the cig in burning her butthole.

  10. Flame of the Redmanes also does great work against him. Staggers him after 3 uses

  11. She can talk to him like that because she knows he can't be aggressive back else face the wrath of all nearby men

  12. I spent 6.5 months without a dishie last year. Straight up any free second you run your shit to the pot sink and scrub so you have pans to fire the rest of the entrees you’ve been slacking on. Break down the line and we’d switch on and off between pot sink and the Machine to run plates. Now we have 2 people full time on dish so I never have to do that shit again.

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