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  1. Ngl, I still have no idea how to play this game optimally apart from smashing things. It looks pretty fun roguelite dungeon crawler game thing, which is fun, but ultimately I am still confused.

  2. It's single player so as long as you're having fun, no real need to start min-maxing. When you start wanting to learn more, the guides are out there, and they're well-written and easy to follow.

  3. Thank you everyone for the comments. I was able to successfully complete the DRS request today. I'll try to answer most questions here in case this happens to anyone else and just for the sake of providing info.

  4. Do you have pending transactions on that account?

  5. No, all pending activity settled yesterday for me.

  6. Props to Mica/Sunborn with all of the new stuff. People that have stopped playing GFL in my circle are excited about playing one of the upcoming games, and current players are even more hype.

  7. I for one am not hyped though. Instead of fixing the reality of the game with how boring the meta is and how unusable and without a place basically half of the dolls are, they are creating 4 new games. Why didn't they make GFL2 simply an expansion to GFL? I mean, I have a strong assumptive answer to that, but I just want to say that I wish they'd done it that way. I've been yearning for 3D gameplay in this game, or something that would make me feel closer to all of the characters in the game, since I naturally got attached to the characters. The way it is now, the best I can do in order to "spend quality time with a doll I like" is to stare at her portrait in my armory/index/main page or watch her be played automarically by a game.. Overall, I feel like they are milking the attachment you and I as players have to the words "Girls' Frontline" to incentivise us to play the new games and thus spend money on them. Yes, we need to live, and they need to and want to make money. But I'll asume you get my point..

  8. Yeah, I can see your viewpoint. I'm sure there are many more people more knowledgeable of the inner workings and development decisions of Mica, so I can only really guess. They could spend more time/money developing GFL1 but are now taking advantage of what it did to introduce characters & game universe and branching out into other genres and side stories. GFL1 has run a long course, especially when considering Singularity was supposed to be the ending. I'm sure there's technical debt and they've decided that it would be more prudent to work on fresh projects. That's something I don't think they can be blamed for, but at the same time I do hope they continue providing love to GFL1.

  9. What are the intermission/"loading" screens between switching menus for? Does this help with some of the memory leaks happening?

  10. Previously there was no transition screen between menus, it was just a black screen. People playing on older/low spec devices would just be staring at a black screen while waiting for the next thing to load, which felt jarring to some people.

  11. I built my first PC in college. Originally, I had a prebuilt Dell computer for school and gaming, but the motherboard died. I used the leftover parts to make my own build. I've since built several PCs since for myself and others. Memorable tricks and experiences include the BSEL mod for some Intel CPUs, unlocking the extra cores on the Phenom series, and undervolting laptop CPUs to reduce heat and power consumption.

  12. Looks like EN has a compulsory client update next maintenance. Wonder what entails.

  13. Problem with my gem purchase. I bought the $25.99 gem pack for the first time, and it hasn’t come through. I went to put in a support ticket, but it asks for the order number. Where can I find this number?

  14. You should get a confirmation email from whatever service you used to pay and there should be an order number in there.

  15. Alright. I haven’t gotten it yet, when I do i’ll check there.

  16. If you don't have a confirmation email, your order probably did not complete. The next thing to check would be if funds were deducted. If the money was spent, then you should definitely contact them via email at

  17. Old player here, its been quite a while since i quit ( after the implementation of Heavy Production ), only to return once in 2019 for anniversary logins, and again last week for this year’s anniv event. I’ve been wondering if I should move to CN (or JP) instead, as I’ve heard that the events/updates in global are still slow and fear of potential shutdowns, as there have been many gachas that has been shutdown in the past couple of months.

  18. EN is farther ahead in events than JP. EN is loved by the devs and brings in its own share of money. It doesn't seem like you're interested in playing the game at all though, so why bother asking? Not to be rude.

  19. So should I get KSG or SAT8 with the true core mask?

  20. I chose SAT8 with last year's core mask and I've never regretted it.

  21. As a casual player, I understand that people competing for the top of the rankings for Theater are playing a metagame forming 6 ideal echelons; ideal meaning with the max 24% advantaged bonus, max CE, maximizing final boss bonuses (Slug, MG/SG) and score, with the ability to complete all 10 waves. Am I missing something else?

  22. Getting the right vote. All the time.

  23. This was a great read, thank you (and for the hint).

  24. This video should really be given its own thread outside of the Lounge; a lot of work went into this.

  25. Is there any way to tell what a node with an "i" symbol will do when stepped on ahead of time?

  26. For the most part, they're just nodes that give you a bit of story or dialogue when stepped on.

  27. Can I just say real quick, this event has been fucking awesome so far.

  28. I like the additional dialogue/development you get from some of the fake endings, though most of them are quite sad.

  29. Chapter 8N was a pleasure to read and play. Other than G17 being renamed to Glock17, the translation was good.

  30. To neural upgrade 5* units (becoming 6* units), you need Fire Control Components. They'll be introduced next month on EN, since NTW-20's neural upgrade is being released. They cost 1500 Snowfield's Gift each in the forward base, and you can buy 2 per month. You need 2/3/5 for Mod 1/2/3.

  31. New voices are being posted here:

  32. So, with HOCs along the way, I did a bit of reflection and realized the only heavy heliports I remember seeing on EN are in 8-6 and it’s emergency variant. Are there any others in 9 or 10 that I missed, because that would make them functionally frivolous until CT otherwise

  33. I remember reading that 9-6 and 10-6 have them too. The maps at

  34. So I'm trying to decide what to get myself for Christmas. I got a $25 gift card, so that should net me around 2000 gems plus the ~500-ish I already have.

  35. The monthly gems pack (if you don't subscribe to it already) is a great value. The two Christmas packages that expire later today have considerable savings if you're into buying tokens or oath certificates. Costumes will depend on your self-preference.

  36. With the end of a new major event comes a new [box opening] (

  37. Nice data! Just want to confirm that unless something changed, memory fragments from the simulation are capped at 9999, but since you can get them from boxes, mission rewards, etc. it would be really crappy to have them disappear into the void.

  38. I'm looking for the name of a GFL soundtrack that plays during chapter 10 and some singularity cutscenes (spoilers):


  40. Is there anything special about the dancing and boxing arcade machines in the expedition black market shop?

  41. SO I just got 3 months of discord nitro from xbox game pass and I just looked at some of the Official gfl EN discord emotes, there are some pretty weird ones but it is pretty funny what is there, like a random photo of an actual kitten, AA-12 holding a stop sign, Chibi Type100 holding a sign that says "Sex" and repeatedly thrusting it in the air, a couple Wa2000 edits, one being the "engaged to the unidentified" blushing scene.

  42. The kitten is IDW Jr., one of the cats that lives in the MICA offices.

  43. So this might sound like a real dumb question, but I want to ask on how ranking type for singularity. This is my going to be my first GFL ranking event.

  44. Yeah, ranking will use the best score of any run.

  45. Is there any way to make Type 100 work? I managed to get two copies of her and I'd feel bad not utilizing her at all.

  46. I already knew what happened in Chapter 10 but seeing it in detail is very different.

  47. I've avoided spoilers as much as I could and Chapter 10 put me in such a mood.

  48. I've got three Command Fairies: Damage 1 (the free one given from HEP) which is in the 70s now, a fresh lv1 with Fervor, and a third level 1 with a junk skill.

  49. You can change talents on fairies via calibration.

  50. I asked for help and got salted hard, the admins blamed me and let them eat me like trash

  51. I'm curious, what did you ask? And was this on the official GF EN server?

  52. I don't believe special/collab dolls count towards the index or collection rate, as they have their own dedicated tab.

  53. I noticed the Va11-Ha11a units are not voiced, and when I did some research on who voiced them before, nothing came out. At first, I thought, "yeah, what an American thing to do", until I realized Va11-Ha11a is actually a Nintendo game. Silly me. :p released on the Nintendo Switch.

  54. I don't have anything to add to the VA discussion, but just wanted to let you know VA-11 HALL-A released on PC in June 2016. Also, the developers and studio are in Venezuela. The original game was never voiced to begin with.

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