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  1. Cheers to that kid, I struggle to have any sympathy for bullies who end up getting their shit broken.

  2. For real!! Some people need to go have a talk with the foos running #deathriderproductions who are putting on regular shows around Boyle Heights and East Los, yet are following and liking event posts on this openly Nazi page.

  3. Nah, you shouldnt support musicans with awful political views. Just download the albums like it was 2005 ;). And support your local AFA band.

  4. He might not be fash (though his anti-antifa stuff is weird), but I’ll still stray from Behemoth due to the whole

  5. Didn't that woman basically say nothing wrong happened from her perspective? It's definitely not a situation I'd want to find myself caught in, but if the alleged victim brushed it off then I'm not sure why people want to get uppity at Nergal over it?

  6. They are marked as sketchy in spreadsheet whereas it's clear that they are Nazi. Maybe moronic for you but for me moronic is marking band as nazi because of key words and mistaking band with other of the same name.

  7. Is this a thing now? Just stealing existing memes/etc and writing them out on post-its?

  8. This is a cartoon i came up with the other day upon hearing a new band on spotify. What meme are you referring to?

  9. I've seen that exact concept in various memes for years now.

  10. Acting like a tough guy to an unconscious guy you just kneed to the face while he was handcuffed is the smallest dick energy I've seen in awhile. In the military there's a constant reminder that your a slave to the system. You are a cog. Youre entitled to nothing except to get a check every 2 weeks. Cops are kids with the Karen parents who think can do no wrong. The most entitled demographic of people I've ever seen.

  11. If you spit on someone then all bets are off, you deserve what's coming to you.

  12. Agalloch is unfortunately more then sketch (or rather John Haughm)

  13. Way off the mark. He acknowledged it was a stupid thing to post, a lot of Jewish/Israeli fans actually came to his defence, and he's now on good terms with the rest of the Agalloch guys.

  14. Thanks for letting us know, please keep us informed of any other artists you'd like to have a whinge about for entirely trivial reasons.

  15. Yeah it's very true that there's a rather high number of objectionable people in bm.

  16. You must have ordered merch you didn't get.

  17. No, fortunately I've never ordered anything from him. But even if he hasn't fucked me over personally, I still think he's total dogshit.

  18. I never said the music they put out as Mgla is problematic, i said they are shitty people, and that's what fucking matters

  19. You're awfully angry, you know that? Imagine advocating violence towards someone because they bought a Mgla record or t-shirt. You're cute.

  20. We're talking about Mgla. Get me a Mgla record and show me any images/lyrics/etc that are an issue.

  21. It's just the nature of politically fringe music - one day someone wakes up and decides "hey I want to start a band about [insert politics here]", and it just so happens they decide on black metal as a genre because they like the aesthetics, or they saw someone do something similar, or they're just angsty but now punk isn't angsty enough, or they saw it in Vice, or whatever. So when you put the cart before the horse (ideology before music) the end result is 98% likely to be absolute dogshit, and that's where we are with both RABM and NSBM.

  22. Well now, you can't just throw that out there and not explain why? 😂

  23. Haha. Yes. Both Aussie brands trying to do something in the market. Bad experience?

  24. I haven't been involved with KK in any way - at least not yet, as I really like the look of their workshop as a space for people to learn about bike maintenance, plus the social rides they do and their partnerships with mental health organisations. I'd much prefer that sort of community over 80% of the people on Melbourne Street Riders who post stupid memes and whinge non-stop about the cops pinging them for riding like dickheads.

  25. Last time I went to Hutong Dumpling Bar I was less than impressed. Don't know if it's changed since then but I bet it's still the most expensive dumpling joint you can go to.

  26. Yep, came here to nominate Hutong, glad someone else agrees.

  27. I've given up on trying to find a jacket like that. :-\ Likewise, I've also found that jackets that suit wider chest/shoulders also have too much material around the waist - maybe the assumption is that anyone in a biker-style jacket is some stereotypical pot-bellied Harley rider, hah. Anyway, I have two Brando-style retro leather jackets that are made from genuinely sturdy leather and were probably made in the 70s, give or take (and both were a rare find as they fit me pretty well, one I bought overseas) but since they have no armour pockets I just wear an armoured hoodie underneath them if I'm riding. I love the look of a decades-old leather jacket, just couldn't bring myself to buy a brand-new one! My only other riding jacket is the Akin Moto Alpha for bad weather.

  28. fuck off, fascist apologist. why you'd even think you'd do well in that situation is beyond me.

  29. What a bunch of Parisian cowards. Seems like people still believe any old bullshit cooked up by retards like you.

  30. FWIW I tried joining the ADF a while ago - but was rejected on the basis of having an anaphylactic allergy to nuts. 😂 (Hence my username...)

  31. They love you, it will be difficult. Go, send them updates and nice stories when you are back. You can try to show them safety advises for tourists from embassies in other countries, which may be more neutral. Or newspaper from these countries about your hometown: they will see that newspaper like to exaggerate situations to sell articles

  32. How old are you? Are you able to get and train a dog to go with you? That would get rid of majority of problems.

  33. And create a whole lot more problems when it comes to accommodation, transport, food, etc.

  34. That is still wrong a Paedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children.

  35. Since the other guy didn't provide a link I decided to look for myself. I'm on mobile so my bad if I fuck up my spacing/information.

  36. Well, if it's all true then I approve of flower pots as a cure for pedophilia.

  37. Have a read of Nothing To Envy or Aquariums Of Pyongyang, I reckon those provide just as valuable insight without the political nonsense and unreliable accounts surrounding Yeonmi Park. You can tell she's pandering to a very specific audience in the US, and it's now at a point where it's hard to tell what stories of hers are/aren't truthful so I'd probably go elsewhere for information.

  38. Man, as terrible as it rounds, I really enjoy that buzzed feeling after a few drinks (probably slowly wrecking my serotonin that way) but also have huge respect for people who went hard for years but then found the willpower to give it up. I've never had to cancel on work or anything like that but I still reckon I'm hitting it too hard or too frequently, and I'm trying to figure out how I can drastically reduce or even eliminate my booze intake.

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