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To the woman with white hair who had her Iphone 12 stolen by a bunch of teenage ruffians near the Metreon tonight (3/2).. I got it back for you.

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  1. Why do you blame the wage earners, and not the small towns who don't spend enough money in education?

  2. It's not really blaming the wage earners, it's blaming the legislature for a poorly thought out law.

  3. Again, why is the budget for education only raised from the local area? That is the real problem.

  4. That's not "the real problem" though. They are two problems intersecting. Even if we raise more funds for education, you are still overpaying, which means education budget is not going as far. The problem isn't just schools too, this is for public projects in general. So any and all city level projects would need state or federal funding to make up for laws like this.

  5. In a sense they are similar. With approval voting, a voter indicates approval for any or all candidates. The vote tally for each candidate is the number of approval votes the candidate receives. The winner is the candidate with the largest tally.

  6. So it's like score [0,2]. What properties does this gain? With normal score, min/max is an issue where optimal strategy is just to essentially vote like its approval. Is there a reason this doesn't devolve into standard approval?

  7. Yes, it is similar to score voting, just as approval voting is, but with three scores instead of two. So what? There is a similarity but they are not exactly the same.

  8. Ah I see the difference at least in the default score.

  9. What do you mean? Genuinely curious

  10. As someone else pointed, Biden has illegal wood tariffs against Canada. At the same time Biden has declared he will not appoint new members to the WTO appellate body, which has prevented Canada from suing the US over it.

  11. Ya there's research in the amount of data a human can reliably keep in their head at one point. It's one reason why STAR uses 5 point system specifically, because more choices at that point starts to make the system harder to use accurately.

  12. Well I guess in a usable model, you would only have say 5 points max, so I don't think the could do that. Extra numbers makes it hard to use, but squaring it emphasizes higher utility while still keeping only a few options.

  13. As a general rule, proportional rules will be more manipulable than majoritarian rules. Since score is majoritarian I would expect it to be less manipulable than MES.

  14. That's interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks for the link!

  15. Minnesota and California are Dem strongholds and have done some serious YIMBY work in the past few years.

  16. While true for CA, I would say the wins amount to very little in the grand scheme of things. NIMBYism definitely is still winning here.

  17. California's reforms over the last few years were totally unthinkable a few years before. You're right that they aren't enough --yet. But the first housing crisis state to crack the nut will only be able to succeed by pointing at California and saying: "this is what we have to leapfrog." Whatever set of policies they're evaluating, they'll benefit from comparing to California's record and analyzing what moved the needle, what didn't, and why.

  18. Maybe. My worry is that they'll go look: we did all these things and it still didn't work. Guess building more housing was a bust. Just a neoliberal conspiracy to sell out to contractors.

  19. It doesn't even get through the title before it makes a false assertion.

  20. This is the one that makes me skeptical of proportional voting. I can get behind it for a lot of reasons, but I'm not convinced that multipolar polarization multi winner is better than depolaraization single winner.

  21. Not unless you require the employers to pay for it. Functionally it would be no different than a government mandated PTO, which every developed nation provides to their citizens already. And the total amount of hours for that specific kind of PTO would be negligible to any one particular employer. The only "out of pocket" would be those not employed or self employed with verifiable proof of loss of income, and covering that wouldn't be costly.

  22. Ya actually this makes sense to me. Like mandate jury duty PTO that expires if you don't do any jury duty that year and give self employed people a comparable tax deduction.

  23. Why are they allowed to be called "news" then. Almost seems like there should be a law against mass misinformation.

  24. It does seem to me that if they want to claim they are entertainment and not news, then they shouldn't be able to be called fox news. Like if you want to be called news, then that should have some legal weight to it. If you want to say whatever you want and use entertainment as a legal defense, fine, but you can't legally call yourself news.

  25. They choose to do so because of their interpretation of Torah to a large degree.

  26. Honestly think they are the biggest problem with Israel. They should be forced into the military and have to deal with the consequences of their actions against Palestinians. They cause majority of the problems and make the secular Israelis clean up their messes.

  27. I feel like the YIMBY movement shouldn’t be tied to one specific political group

  28. Sure, but it still makes sense to push YIMBYism within political groups.

  29. Yeah I'm for red flag laws but they have to be done in a way that respects due process and holds the legal system accountable. A judge should have to sign off on every confiscation and there must be a timely appeal process.

  30. Also there needs to be some process for compensation if the guns don't get back to the owner. In my hometown, the cops just steal the guns that they like and say they lost them when they are suppose to return them.

  31. It's not really important to pay off the debt, it's important to make your income growth outpace your interest growth. Keep your interest rates low, borrow small mounts, and invest in your estate early on. The way the stats in estate work, after a certain threshold, you will just continuously gain tenants, and so your income will grow w/o needing to invest anymore. At that point you can choose to keep investing to speed up the growth in income, or start paying down your debt to reduce interest payments.

  32. Would you happen to know what are other Cuban American positions for keeping it?

  33. The thing is that it really doesn't even impoverish them. I read a recent report and it's estimated the embargo has only had a few percentages of gdp reduction after all this time. Since they can trade with everyone else in the world, they haven't really had much trouble getting goods.

  34. France already taxes 50% of their GDP. At some point you need to figure out some other way to handle changing demographics and a social security system that forces the young to subsidize the old.

  35. Every social security system forces the young to subsidize the old, unless old people are growing their own food. The only thing that changes is that in some systems, billionaires take a larger chunk of that subsidy than in others.

  36. No not really. Social security funds can be pay-ahead or pay-as-you-go. Pay as you go requires either an ever growing young population to outpace retiring people, or for more and more of the young's proportion of taxes to go towards retirees.

  37. Huh didn't know that how it worked in the US? But I'd point out the obvious difference that the President is an elected figure with a limited duration in office. The crown is hereditary and serves for life. If a President becomes unpopular by too much vetoing then they can be voted out at the next election. That's not how it works with a monarch which gives them far more power.

  38. Hmmmmmmmm a fair point. Honestly I think both Wulfram and the Queen handled it pretty badly in a lot of ways. They both distrusted each other so much that there was never any real middle-ground reached. Almost feels like if you could just put them alone in a room for an hour the whole thing might have been sorted without bloodshed.

  39. 100% there was a way through this if the sides were willing to deescalate.

  40. The Kian de facto own all the grain trade already. The Kian treaty is a formality that will actually lower prices. The fact is Tierra can never feed itself and Antar is unwilling to trade. So Tierra needs grain from somewhere and most the budget goes to grain subsidies.

  41. What level are we taking about? Up through high school? Obviously. A highly educated and literate populace is the keystone to modern society. Risking that is risking everyone's quality of life and future.

  42. Bunch of young black teenagers got into an altercation with a white lady (the lady started it, according to bystanders, but that's beside the point). She began walking away, and the teenagers pounced. I got between them, and tried to hold them off (there was like 6), and was successful at first, but then they went at her again. They grabbed her phone out of her hand and took off. I chased after them and managed to wrestle the lady's phone away - only to end up getting jumped, maced, and have my phone stolen. At least half of them were young girls and I wasn't about to knock them out, so I just took the beating. There were also young men with the girls and I didn't want to get shot by any of them for beating up their girlfriend. That's the short of it. I want everyone to see that all black people aren't evil little demons (I'm black myself), and not just that, but there were literally hundreds of people around and not one of them was doing a single thing to help this lady. Even a police officer was there was like "do you want to press charges?" as they are still walking away. I said "are you going to go arrest them?" and he just shrugged. So I went after them again myself to try and get my phone back, but was unsuccessful. May have a broken nose, but it's not a big deal. I'm fine. I'm proud of myself. Anyway I'm not looking for recognition, I just want to return this woman's phone to her because she was very distraught, it's an expensive phone, and she probably has sensitive data or memories on it. I will say I'm pretty ashamed of San Franciscans at this moment for not getting involved.

  43. Wow man, you're a freaking hero. Even if it's just property, going above and beyond for a stranger like that is something to aspire to.

  44. ? Global mass extinction, climate change crisis, literally rising sea level, antibiotic resistance crisis, ocean acidification. All the bugs and insects are dying and our coral reefs are bleached white.

  45. Antibiotics thing is overblown. Resistence is not universal and there is not a limited set of antibiotics in existence. Resistance creates new pharma markets for antibiotic discovery.

  46. China's demographics are not good, but they're not that bad. It's more like 2/3 by end of the century last I checked.

  47. They tore down some warehouse space and put up apartments downtown, but those apartments were very expensive. Part of the reason they commanded high rents was it was easy to get to work downtown. Is downtown as attractive without offices?

  48. If you're young and like nightlife. Also if they build mixed-use buildings instead of straight residential, it creates an attractive walkable neighborhood.

  49. This guy is running a one man propaganda campaign in this sub. It's like hilariously bad too.

  50. I feel like a lot of people here are gonna not read the article and be a bit mislead by the title. Chipmakers don't need to share any profits at all as long as their projections are correct within a certain margin. All this is saying is that companies can't lie and apply for a small margin fab only made possible by government funds, then make mad stacks in reality then leave. As long as the companies are rational and realistic in their applications everyone gets to keep their money.

  51. That did unexpectedly change my opinion. I think it will depend on the implementation details, but IF we're going to have subsidies anyways, having consequences for cheating at least seems like a good idea.

  52. We won’t get domestic capacity with this bill, it won’t address the fact that there are less and less western electrical engineers, my class was the smallest for its time but it’s been lapped each year. It’s not worth being an engineer in the west their is no financial nor cultural incentive

  53. Then we just import engineers like we do for software.

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