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  1. Go on the other subreddit they’ll know what it is

  2. I wonder what her thoughts are on the digital millennium copyright act

  3. Do you have any tips or exercises you do for alternate picking? I’m only 6 months into learning electric but my alternate pick is still pretty bad

  4. Hehe it’s been almost a year but it happened 💪

  5. Literally any for honor player the second they feed revenge in a 2v1 and lose

  6. As a rep 201 For Honor player I can confirm you don’t have fun

  7. Rep 249 Cent main to also confirm that I’ve never had fun playing

  8. Just report them, DE is usually strict about harassment and such

  9. If you want an actual answer, it’s your GPU starting die. I’d recommend getting it fixed

  10. As I new player of elite none of the video makes sense to me but it looked rad nonetheless lol

  11. The other commenters are right, but it isn’t too uncommon to hear idiot used as an adjective like in the phrase you used, grammatically incorrect or not

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