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  1. Mom's been dip-dying the carpet in Just for Men so that it matches the drapes

  2. He’s a sweaty libertarian cosplaying as a leftist. This isn’t his first time advocating for shit like this either. He hangs out with “coconuts in Barbados”, Sneako and other problematic PUA people. He is literally the worst. Stop posting him here. Oh and he is super racist if any of the other stuff wasn’t enough to convince you of this.

  3. I am thoroughly disgusted and angry. If the shoe was on the other foot, he would feel differently, of course. What a foul little man. I hope the young woman he is speaking to gets the message and stays far from him and his posse because that's essentially what he's telling her, and all women, to do.

  4. You're leaving comments on dating advice and h3 subreddits (over 50% woman audience) when you've probably never talked to a woman in person without pissing yourself, and spend all your time idolizing a chinless narcissist with severe daddy issues that cause schizoaffective-level delusions. Woman aren't intimidated by mfs like you, they certainly will never look at you with any kind of fondness because you're a freak that's obsessed with a perverted dumbass who's too stupid to successfully organize a criminal enterprise in one of the most corrupt former Soviet experiments that was literally set up by and for foreign criminals to take advantage of the crippled economies and complete deregulation and decentralization of the entire Balkans after Yugoslavia was bombed to glass by NATO. Read some books and learn some history, otherwise no one will ever willingly touch you, least of all a self-respecting woman, you pathetic virgin. ✌️🖕

  5. Don't let them google the incident anymore, there is a video out there of the mauling.

  6. It's not Hasan - I'm on Twitch right now and he said that Ethan texted him and said he isn't feeling well and has a headache :( Get well and rest Ethan!

  7. And this is why we don't engage with that woman any longer. And why it's so frustrating that people beg Ethan to reconcile. No. It's her insecurity that she's projecting on other people like a mean girl in high school.

  8. i’m dying this is so funny. i did not expect them to actually pull through w/ that click bait ass title “So Crazy We Can’t Put It In The Title” = “gaslighting a cult member”😭

  9. I was won over by the Ethan running dust cloud in the beginning, but the Shredder clip sealed it for me. It's so good and well thought out. It's not hysterically funny but it's my favorite one to watch so far.

  10. I don't remember Brantley getting doxed. What episode did this supposedly happen?

  11. They're conflating doxxing with searching the internet to find information that Brantley posted. If you post your name and age on the Facebook and you don't lock that shit up, people will find it. It's that simple. Unless they posted your full name, address, phone number - they are not doxxing. Figuring out your age from Facebook is not doxxing. Dopes.

  12. Americans are so selectively puritanical it amazes me sometimes. Talking heads blathering on and on about genitals and how they are supposed to look and that's perfectly acceptable. A fully dressed woman posing suggestively with an 18+ tag during the nighttime hours is too horrible for children to see. So as a child I'm meant to be extremely concerned about the state of my genitals and shielded from seeing thighs. It's odd... I grew up sitting with my grandpa in the morning and turning to the booby page of the daily newspaper to draw outfits on the naked ladies. A kid is not going to look at this in the same way as an adult. To them she's just sitting with her legs up. The more attention we bring to parts of women's bodies being taboo, the worse it will be for kids. I remember going to gym class with my peach fuzz legs and just feeling a sense of dread that people could see my leg hair. Or I was sitting with my legs too wide open and got yelled at for not acting "feminine". We don't have to sexualize Amouranth sitting in her chair, but we choose to and she knows that we will. She's trying to get views. But if we change our thinking about women's bodies it doesn't have to be that way. I mean the comments that she gets on a regular basis are absolutely horrifying already. So if a kid sees this, I wouldn't be too worried about it. They'll see worse at school and there is very little you can do about that but to give them self-confidence and teach them to be kind.

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