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  1. Wow same..if this is fake i will never believe anything that isnt coming for Deadline/THR as confirmed

  2. ...Took you this long to learn this basic af lesson?

  3. Honestly id Black Adam flops they would be forced to finally do a full reboot.

  4. You make a post about the future looking bright, and then pray for a movie in that bright future's downfall...

  5. Gal Gadot in Shazam was officially confirmed by who again?

  6. Honestly adding rollback might increase complaining because now they can point towards Xrd and say "Look it now has rollback, no reason anyone should be playing a dumbed down game like Strive".

  7. Look at you pretending that there Blazblue fans that don't say that stuff seriously out of jealousy and spite.

  8. We don't need two franchises turning into a pile of shit

  9. I've only watched to episode 3 but when I heard that basically everyone dies in it I stopped watching.

  10. It's almost like being a story about tragedy was the end goal or something...

  11. I definitely wouldn't say all anime is bad.

  12. Five years? The past two decades of anime being on TV in the west didn't play a part?

  13. I loved it and ironically now understand why Geoff Jones wanted Cyborg to say “Bo-yaah!” in the JL movie.

  14. Because... that's a thing Cyborg says? It took you that long to realize that?

  15. By certain video, are you talking about the Speedoru animation? Nah, Jello's videos are different to Speedoru's, in that he actually played the game.

  16. He recently made a tier list that put AAI2 among the worse of the worse, so... just wanted to tell ya that.

  17. What do you mean? He is a decent dad.

  18. I read that Harada said that Tekken 8 will be build from the ground up or something like that so maybe not that many reused animations this time.

  19. The graphics. You think they won't reuse all those animations?

  20. Y'know what he does talk about though? Being a mercenary.

  21. ...Because he IS a mercenary.

  22. They can't just retcon the damage to Hwoarang's eye? Because it's a horrible decisions.

  23. ...Because glass eyes don't exist?

  24. I’d love for someone to tell me something good about it. Or continue to dislike all you want.

  25. Oh great, someone else who doesn't know Batgirl and Batwoman are two different people.

  26. Compared to Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Donkey Kong and every other IP that put Nintendo on the map, yeah... it's new.

  27. This game is not set in the Arkham universe. So wrong.

  28. Yes, because there has never ever been comics or other media where Batman is either dead or missing so his sidekicks take charge.

  29. Did you miss the other billion times they said it wasn't live service?

  30. So since it’s popular, animated and now nominated for an Emmy, I’m assuming Netflix has cancelled it, right?

  31. I feel like most positive feedback is LoL fans being shills. If anyone that is not a player and has feedback on it , tell me.

  32. It's been nearly a year since it came out. There's literally almost nothing but praise from this show from people who played League and didn't. Highly positive reviews and already won awards even before this one.

  33. For like a few weeks before getting replaced.

  34. That's it! Fuck DC and Fuck Warner Bros... I'm out! I was honestly thinking when HBO max was coming to my country that I would actually subscribe for Young Justice and more animated DC shows...

  35. Nothing official was announced yet.

  36. I think with everything going at WBD this isn't something that "just happens".

  37. What were your kids watching? Most of what they axed were things not yet released

  38. ...You are either really far behind on what's happening or you're just acting like this on purpose.

  39. That's not gonna happen with the way they're handling it though. The canceled Batgirl which saved them a ton of money, got rid of children's content, gave reeves a better deal, and moved aquaman and Shazam to have less competitive dates. Those are the least risky moves possible.

  40. According to official trades and David Zaslav himself, it had everything to do with quality:

  41. Yes, removing the critically acclaimed Infinity Train and 200 Sesame Street episodes off of their streaming service (and the INTERNET) was all because of quality...

  42. ...What the heck does Fire Emblem and EA have to do with each other?

  43. It's MORE than that. Look at what Zaslav is doing.

  44. Weren't you kissing the guy's feet?

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