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  1. Did it go into limp mode when you gave it the beans? Mine did and probably would’ve gotten me killed if I was on a busier highway

  2. This has been happening to me too exactly as you both describe. Currently at the shop for diagnosis.

  3. Yes, he was fired, but Rachel made him do it himself. Basically told him if he's going to be ridiculous he has to face the person and the consequences because no one is going to support him/ shield him from the ridiculousness of his opinion

  4. ...and when it's summer! ... and it's hot!! ....why CAN'T you wear a tank top!?!?

  5. Damn!! Glad you're okay though. Let us know what you end up replacing her with!

  6. I loved the mileage of the Hybrid, was getting around 40mpg. I just pulled the trigger on a Prius as a replacement.

  7. Ah congrats! 2022 I'm guessing? Were you able to get a fair deal with the '23s just being announced?

  8. I have a series s and I love it, I thought about upgrading to a series x and getting rid of the s but I feel like id rather sell my ps4 and use that money towards a ps5 cause I already have a pc too and i been wanting a ps5

  9. Yep this is what I did and no regerts. Also picked up a 4k 120hz tv on black friday

  10. Nice! I have a Mav and my wife's got an outback. We love em both!

  11. Ordered a cactus Lariat on 9/15/22, but got told what everyone else did — it would be months before delivery, if ever. So, I poked around looking at used, overpriced Mavericks, and put my name into a form on a dealer site, even though there was no way I was buying a used $42K Lariat Hybrid.

  12. "Well, I think so, Brain, but pantyhose are so uncomfortable in the summertime."

  13. Ur little blue truck is compensating for ur small bank account?! 😁 well mine is.. haha

  14. to be fair he successfully fucked around and subsequently found out

  15. Ordered in July 2021, took delivery March 2022. That being said, I'd err on the side of at least a year. Be vigilant too and keep bothering your dealer to keep track of your order

  16. but.... Those parts can be used for our cars why would they do this

  17. Ordered mine at 36. Still waiting at 37.

  18. funny I ordered mine at 36 and got it at 37. hope you get yours soon!

  19. lol it wasn't us because we get our two kids in (one 5y, one 4mo) the back in less than 2 minutes. though we're definitely on the shorter side so maybe it's relatively easier for us.

  20. Happy for you!! Sometimes i wish I got cactus gray instead of a51. Still love it though. Enjoy!

  21. I just received my Pixel Watch today and it's the closest Android Wear watch I've ever seen to an Apple Watch, if that means anything to you.

  22. yes got mine yesterday and while it's 41mm, it's still in the ballpark for a smaller smartwatch

  23. lol totally. in the 90s my family had a Toyota Previa almost this exact shade of green

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