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Trevor Noah destroyed the Daily Show

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  1. put some caltrops out. Ukraine showed us that the Russian military has cheaped out on tires.

  2. I didn't think this was an unpopular opinion

  3. Sad but very true. If I see the Canadian flag flying on a car or even a decal of it I just assume (often rightly so) that they're anti vaxxers/convoy nuts

  4. Graphics card has entered chat and would like a would about this assumption of being cheap

  5. Or repo'd after a few failed payments. Never understood the who get a luxury car to show people you are someone.

  6. Looks like some salvageable kit there

  7. Russians are truly fucked now that the fields speak ukrianian lol

  8. Hope they can maybe send her to the west and into some of the top hospitals there for treatment. The west i hope continues to open their doors for treating the wounded and maimed

  9. Time for the ukrianian army to do some episcocide.

  10. Whatever you want that you enjoy? I enjoy movies, reading, board games and such w friends. Picking up a trade as hobby too

  11. And here i am just trying to enjoy my tea without thinking about a rating system for my teapot

  12. Fuck em. They have no problems screwing us over when it suits them.

  13. You're allowed to eat in the library and if you've got a noise complaint talk to library staff to sort it out

  14. Post ww2 shako i do believe with the state coat of arms missing from the center

  15. Gotta ask whats that loose pouch/baggy thing you see a lot of them sporting on their hips for at the 4:30 mark

  16. Once that regime collapses every one of them should be tried. No different than wheb nazi officials and gau leiters were

  17. Wouldnt want to be jolly green shrub guy there in this weather. Guy doesnt blend in at all

  18. Yep! Special CRATE-MAS bonus files for the OnlyCrates patreon in December :)

  19. Okay i love that you make only crates as a patreon

  20. I think it was one of those cases of much of the player base not buying enough (in gw's mind) Each edition didnt change enough for players to need more than a few things here or there after you build your army to a certain point size. Rarely were there lots of new units or things added to armies. Basically radical change was not a thing lol. Also armies sadly could go years or entire editions without any update which never helped their sales. 40k was the big money maker at the end of whfb life and i suspect AoS was a way to make fantasy more like 40k. Big kits models and infantry that arent ranked up. Plus it corresponds close to the time GW was moving away from generic fantasy names and tropes into more copyrightable factions.

  21. This looks miserable but i can only think that the russians are even worse off

  22. Sadly at this point every time i see a Canadian flag on a vehicle i assume they're just moronic trash that are convoy supporters. It proves to be the right guess more often than not these days though

  23. I know it would viciously maul me to death but i really wanna hug it

  24. Man id have had brown pants driving even half that speed down that road

  25. Amazing! where's the model front? Is it printed?

  26. Thanks :) looking forward to it

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