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  1. Kerr/Kerr OD 2008 - Scottish Dance Davis/White FD 2014 - Scheherazarde Ilinykh/Katsalapov FD 2014 - Swan Lake Virtue/Moir RD 2017 - Prince Pang/Tong FS 2010 - The Impossible Dream

  2. Chaos! All the falls did test the IJS which was a brand new system at the time and we did see the falls reflect the standings. Poor Maurizio, though

  3. It was the most exciting StSq of this season!!!

  4. Are there videos of the full competition? I never found them on youtube...

  5. I love your posts! The detailed information makes me fall even more in love with the discipline. Thank you!

  6. So far, the Evita FD from Piper and Paul, and I'm usually not a huge Piper and Paul fan. Matteo Rizzo's long and Starr Andrews' short are also memorably great.

  7. If you're in the US they have all olympic replays on the

  8. I changed the vpn, but the ice dance events don't appear 😟

  9. I want Japan and Korea to dominate the women's podium in 2026!!!

  10. Kazuki Tomono - La La Land, the happiest ChSq of the season.

  11. Ilyinykh/Katsalapov of Morosov. I know Katsalapov sucks, but Ilyinykh was divine.

  12. Who are the other candidates for 1st vice president of FS?

  13. Totally agree with everyone on the healthy environment side but even though this probably isn’t intentional, they have made this sport even more elitist than it already is because you must have some hefty funds to be able to move to Canada and pay for all that training and choreo. It’s kind of become a monopoly of the ice dance world because basically if you can’t afford that/don’t have the connections/come from a country that doesn’t fund figure skating then the odds are completely against you. And with the Russians banned for the foreseeable you can already see how IAM are fully dominating the ice dance leader boards that they already were to a great extent. Idk part of me feels like there should be a limit to how many teams at the elite level can come from the same coaching group, it kind of at this point has become horse racing. There’s no underdog to root for anymore. And there’s prettymuch no diversity.

  14. I hope Barbara Poli's children (G/F) bring a lot of joy and gold this quad! ISU, don't let me down!

  15. I had a problem in the beginning, but today I value the healthy environment among athletes and coaches. However, as ice dancing is the most political discipline in FS (in my opinion), then its influence ended up dominating the competitions this cycle and I have ambiguous feelings about that. But I have expectations this quad his dominance will be different. Their best couples are retiring soon and I don't think they make it in Milano. The juniors are coming with everything and there is no IAM dominance here.

  16. I read a comment that there are rumors that her health commitments prevented her from starting the quarantine on time.

  17. I loved your The Nutcracker this season. It would be an interesting quad for the Brits' ice dance...

  18. In early feb I said that Daniel Grassl had the potential to stand out in the next quad as the best European because of his recent results, even with his Lutz and PCS problems, also because of Milano 2026. I was bombarded that there were Russian men. Well...this is still my bet and this season his chances to be European champion are huge.

  19. In 03/04 we had seven flags represented in Top 10 and today we have only 3 😢

  20. also super curious as to what pairs will look like. that’s the one field where i’m just very unsure as to where people will end up

  21. No idea who he is but oooh, mambo italiano girl. Happy for her but... getting married at 19... Crazy

  22. With the retirement of P/C, he and Evgeniia Lopareva become the #1 team in France.

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