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  1. very cliche..but... “I am but a speck of dust in this vast universe. But I am a star among stars such as you. In this infinite world we are only small from the vantage point of our minute perspective. We are the universe and the universe is us"

  2. We put a lot of emphasis on events, milestones, and "I will be happy when" type moments. IMHO our growth unfolds over time and does not explode into being due to some peak experience.

  3. Who is one deciding what is negative and what is positive? Sounds like judgement. Who is the one judging? Where did they get there ideas of what is positive and what is negative? I don't know how to make the smiley emoji.

  4. Attachment leads to suffering. There is nothing wrong nor nothing right about desire. The trick is that if you get attached to fulfilling or if you get attached to letting go of a desire then you suffer.

  5. Aka “clinging.” Great advice, and thanks! That’s something I am struggling with big time!

  6. Why don't you look up my name. It comes from something else. The experience of realization has no dualism. When we are there with what is, and that means there is no ego, There is not two. What do you think this whole thing's about?

  7. There is only one - one being. There’s only one mind. When your spirit, body, and mind unite - there is only one being 😉.

  8. One has to know themselves to realize the delusion of one’s mind. To me, that starts with being vulnerable with yourself. Thoughts?

  9. I wear my empathy and compassion on my sleeve. Some of co-workers think I’m sensitive, and other co-workers see me as a refuge because we work in a hostile work environment.

  10. Mind sharing an example of what is controlling? And someone who understands the way of letting go of the illusion of control?

  11. Characters: Lupita (F) and Michael B. Jordan ((MBJ) M))…if you don’t know them, Google them #BHM

  12. Fair question 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The answer is “Zero” 🤣😁.

  13. Hi there…. As a HSP. What I do is this, out of sight out of mind. I know it’s hard + difficult when you see your own being treated in such a manner but, the more you feed it focus on it the more you’ll create in your reality. Again I know it’s tough. But always search for the good the positive feed your soul through that. I am a black woman in this country but I decided I don’t have to LIVE here & I for dam sure don’t have to subscribe to or feed the nonsense of what’s happening. I can tune my attention elsewhere, I don’t need to engulf my self in the trauma p0rn that is black America & I DONT! There’s always an sunnier alternative to every story. Send love, grace, to the tragedy & move on redirect your focus… this is what works best for me as a black HSP. Simply let it fly.

  14. I’m glad that you found something that works for you ❤️. For me, it’s hard to tune it out. Racism and police violence is always on my mind because of my brothers. They could be next and that would shatter my world. But, I try not to get too “sucked in” by the emotion. Thinking and feeling gratitude and changing perspectives while accepting reality is how I cope.

  15. I know there are things that are impossible to tune out. But avoiding watching police brutality videos and the like may help reduce some negative feelings—and I’m guessing this OP does just that while actively seeking out more positive news stories in general.

  16. I watched the video, and I’m PISSED off and sad. So, I made this post. IMO, small acts count and sending out love into the universe is powerful 🙂.

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