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  1. And what do you suppose would be the result of nuking the moon?

  2. They're all just trying to plug their shitty websites or bad videos. I downvote them all instantly.

  3. Thank you, Rev. Jenny Williams, for your witness.

  4. Whatever you do, do *not* Google "my daughter snapped her G string"

  5. As I was about to turn 50 I reassessed my life, I am type 2 Diabetic, high cholesterol, had low energy and weighed an unhealthy 285lbs (I'm 6' 7"). I started using a meal service and to be frank I had to learn what a real portion looked like. It's a year later and I've dropped 50-55lbs, just started working out (stretches and spinning) and I feel great. WAY more energy than this time last year. I've got my sugar under control, and actually going lower than 100 on a regular basis.

  6. I generally agree with what you're saying about tithing and church activity, and I'm with you about the inappropriateness of that pastor's action.

  7. Like the rest of "the rapture," it was made up by people.

  8. I read it. He brings up a few good points, asks a few good questions, and makes several large and truly disgraceful leaps to support his pointed bias.

  9. You may be overestimating their effectiveness and underestimating their price.

  10. You do realize that you just proved that point, right?

  11. Conservative Christians abandoned their morals and gave no sign of theology as they kissed the backside of Mr. Trump.

  12. Do you mean how do the four elements work? Dirt is solid stuff.

  13. I think that's the 2014 movie The Gospel of John where Jesus is played by

  14. Thank you. I initially thought it was JR from Chosen, but I have not watched the series (or John) and when I looked at JR I thought this wasn't that guy.

  15. Drywall is not home-supporting but attached to wood or metal studs that are load-bearing and nicely spaced. Many times when you see something like a TV mounted on a wall it is mounted through the drywall to the studs. Mount something heavy enough only to drywall and the drywall will break.

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