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  1. What on earth?? Idk what’s wrong with people. You just wanted to start an honest conversation. Definitely a good apple although I find, if you’re trying to do something like this it’s best to have a personal conversation rather than on an online forum. I don’t think you did anything wrong, that’s just how social media can be sometimes. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Of course there’s lots of stuff wrong with it but it’s a show and fans can appreciate that two characters have a connection. I ship them but would never think nor want them to actually get together in the show just think if they met in an alternate universe without all the blood and connections between them, they could be a good match. Plus they have an unmatched bromance

  3. Agreed, everything except her solo song.. she's an amazing singer and dancer, but I feel like the song didn't really showcase that at all

  4. I agree. I didn’t like it as much as I liked dancers heart (which is admittedly pretty difficult) and most of the rest of the soundtrack, something was just off, any it didn’t showcase her talents fairly.

  5. Agree with this take. Also Anna and Kristoff kiss at the end of Frozen, so Gina and Ricky will have to kiss, and that will probably worry EJ and maybe Gina if she still has feelings for Ricky.

  6. Gina would also have to kiss Jet (or whoever’s playing Hans, but if it’s not Jet then there is something wrong with Val) because in the stage adaptation Anna and Hans kiss pretty passionately after love is an open door. But, yeah, I get what you’re saying because of the history. I’d be jealous if I were Ej.

  7. Definetely. I know he's made mistakes in the past, but he apologized for those mistakes. It'll suck for him that he has to watch his girlfriend flirt with another guy on stage. If anyone needs a win, It's him.

  8. Except Kourtney’s voice is more Elsa than Gina sorry to say it. I personally think it had to happen this way. There really aren’t enough roles in Frozen especially for females.

  9. Exactly like we get Ashlyn saying she gets a bad feeling about both Val and Maddox but Val has said what? A total of eight words so far? I was totally hoping Ricky would get Oaken for the same reasons 😂 could you imagine Ricky just being like Yoo hoo! Big summer blowout! And then just having fun with “hygge hygge hygge hygge hygge” would have been hilarious

  10. I absolutely loved this episode!!! Strongest one song wise I thought from the whole show. Rising and Susan Fine completely rocked, loved hearing Ej sing again. Learned a little more about Jet & Maddox although he opened up a lot faster than I was expecting, it’s all going way too fast IMO. Ej is cracking under the pressure 😭 he needs help. Also why wasn’t Val at NIN? All the other CITs are. Love love love Carlos and Kourtney Co-presidents of the finer things in life club

  11. I know this is unpopular but I liked the music better s1. At least in context, I think s2 and 3 songs may be better to listen to by themselves? Also I’m S1, I think it worked better as what it was. There was just enough drama that it worked over 10 25-minute episodes without feeling overly rushed or stretched. But when they step it up with more characters, higher stakes, and multiple locations it gets harder to work in this original format. I’m liking s3 so far but I think besides plot holes this is my main complaint the episodes are too short and everything is rushed.

  12. Even Mr Mazzara calls them wildcats now I think doing hsmtm and being Miss Jenn’s students makes them Wildcats. What I think is weird is that Maddox addressed them originally as such (when last summer was even before hsmtm and Miss Jenn)

  13. Ricky’s birthday is the season 3 finale, this has already been confirmed. He’ll be 18 in his whole senior year (season 4). Be aware that different countries have different rules to what age and month goes into what grade/year

  14. You’re right, sorry. I have friends in the states and thought they graduated the same year they turned eighteen. Maybe I’m misremembering or it’s different in Utah 🤷‍♀️

  15. You can still graduate the same year you turn 18. It can just also be the previous year

  16. Oh ok, good to know. I’m from Canada, where it’s a little different. I didn’t mean to sound condescending or rude but I can see it kind of came across that way.

  17. A Billion Sorrys and Something In The Air are my favourites from each respective season.

  18. Agree. All the songs are amazing. Although what did you think of Red means love? Also very underrated imo

  19. 🤯🤯🤯woah. I’m not a Rina but honestly, that was pretty convincing

  20. I thought this community had a lot of Rinas… maybe they’re just more forward in their opinions? 🤷‍♀️

  21. Were jet and Ricky giving brotherly vibes? I didn’t really pick up on a specific way that their relationship would go just there would be some sort of connection there. Idk, I’m kind of oblivious. I don’t really think Ricky will have feelings for Ej, but I do hope they grow their friendship a bit more this season.

  22. Season 7 was the best thing they couldve done with the show and deserved (at least) a season 8 to accompany it. I say this because i can sort off feel that they were trying to set Henry up as the main character post season 4 and they backpedal everytime.

  23. It is actually. The first time I noticed it, my only thought was: “wow that’s extra.” But now that you mention it, it is pretty cool.

  24. The fact that you, me, and many others can find this many flaws in a single 26-MINUTE EPISODE is ridiculous.

  25. calling it 26 minutes is being generous. The last 5 minutes is just bloopers and credits.

  26. Oh. I thought 26 minutes was excluding the credits and bloopers but I don’t remember, it’s been a while since I watched the finale 🤷‍♀️

  27. “I had the bangers and mash”—“No, you had the pop tart and water”

  28. I can’t tell who most of these are tbh. Rumple kind of looks like Ursula lol. Elsa and Hook are for sure the hottest. And Belle. Forgot about her.

  29. What do You mean their quest? Are the episode descriptions out I couldn’t find them.

  30. do we know if this scene is from episode 1?

  31. Another dance battle? I have a feeling I won't enjoy this as much as kill the beast...

  32. There's a story about a boy named David who is a shepherd and later becomes king. The prophet Samuel goes to his house to anoint one of his brothers but David (the smallest) is chosen by God. In the Bible he fights a giant to save his people from their enemies before he becomes king (instead of a dragon in Once). They called David the servant king.

  33. Possibly his girlfriend/boss told him he couldn’t get the time off lol

  34. Ok, but Robbie Kay did such a good job. Personally I don't care that it doesn't make sense (and I agree, it doesn't) he was far superior this way.

  35. She just wanted the part as I remember nini tried leaving her out talking about her behind her back Ricky was one of the few who was nice to her and believed in her another big reason I like Rina so much

  36. Sorry, I didn't mean break up her relationship. I meant when she said she could help Ej back together with Nini. It was kind of manipulating both to Ej and Nini.

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