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  1. Almost. You start with "That kind of behavior isn't allowed on our property. You're welcome to continue to use our property if you follow the rules posted on that community board in the cafe." That makes it her responsibility to leave or straighten up, and it protects you because later she can't say she didn't know what she did wrong.

  2. You do not have to give them a chance to straighten out. If someone is yelling at you and swearing that is it. You can ask them to leave and return when they are prepared to follow the rules. I’m an sm and my dm and P&ap have all supported if they are starting off that way you do not need to give them the chance.

  3. Lol my SM threw someone out of our store once for being an abusive asshole to one of our baristas. He yelled, “I’m gonna call corporate!” She clapped right back, “Good! Take one of my business cards from the counter; make sure you spell my name right!” 🤣

  4. I always love the “I’ll get you fired” like really come up with a good response, my severance would be great there are days I long to be fired.

  5. There are a lot of them that look like each other too and they just morph into one person after a while. I can barely remember Katie from episode to episode.

  6. …wait which katie? There’s the the deckhand in OG but BDM’s s6 chief stew Katie was also quite forgettable

  7. I don’t remember either one. But I was talking about current

  8. You can add as many milks as you want. You’re still only getting 4 or less ozs at no charge

  9. What are you going to sue for? You didn’t lose hours, you haven’t used any of the resources afforded to you to dispute the documentation.

  10. i called the store and no one answered, my shift lead said she’d take the text message as a call out since she wasn’t in the store yet

  11. It’s not your shifts choice to decide. If you could not reach the store the expectation is you call the shift on duty or manager.

  12. Yes you can apply for an loa. Have the date retroactive to when you started missing a lot of work. You need your doctor to fill out the paperwork stating you need time off for medical reasons and what the issues are

  13. Those are the worst piece of marketing Starbucks ever had. I was so happy when the company said throw them out.

  14. She doesn’t have an original thought. The most dangerous of the trumpies

  15. Obviously not, one has lemonade one doesn’t. Maybe instead of getting upset about something because you don’t understand you could ask at the store when you received your beverage. They would have told you no it’s half juice half lemonade and probably pointed at the two different juices.

  16. Because the assumption is that if you are externally hired you already have past experience for the position internally you may not have that experience.

  17. That would imply there is a group of people vocally advocating for bicycle theft.

  18. A transfer is a request and the timeline depends on the needs of the business. The store cannot let all of you transfer and honestly the ssv will be the last allowed to go because they will need to replace you first. A barista is easier to replace faster

  19. 4 of us shift supervisors are quitting the company there is no transferring involved lol. The barista was the one being separated not a shift supervisor. I understand the staff not being allowed to transfer due to the store needs and there literally not being anyone to run the store but either way they will just quit.

  20. I mean that’s their choice. It’s just not surprising the dm won’t allow any transfers

  21. Mobile orders and in person orders come through the sticker machine, so you have to pull the stickers in order. If they pulled all the mobile orders without making them, its sends a notification to the people who made the orders that their drink is being made and to come in, so skipping those orders to get to yours leads to more consequences later. That, coupled with hour cuts, its really hard to get through tons of drinks fast. It can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to make a single drink depending on how complicated it is. 10-15 minutes isn't that bad to wait for your drink, but I can understand why it would suck smif you got your drink already and he didnt. We are taught to hand out pikes immediately, but when it comes to handcrafted drinks, like lattes, they still have to be made in order. You shouldn't have gotten mad and raised your voice, as they likely didn't do it on purpose. They probably had a mobile order rush that you didn't notice or care about. Next time, ask nicely and they'll try and bump your order up.

  22. Pulling stickers doesn’t do that. Clearing them on the dpm does if they have notifications enabled.

  23. Yea doesn’t do anything. Pulling them faster also doesn’t change the time on your mop wait

  24. It is hard to notice. They look so close to like coffee grounds and cookie crumbs. Literally, without us seeing the mouse, I don’t think we would have noticed. 😭

  25. Not your fault but if that is the condition your store is generally in. It’s dirty and not just because of a mouse.

  26. It’s all the stores tho. It’s hard to keep that shit coffee ground/sprinkle free. Guess I’ll try harder. 🫡

  27. Someone should be wiping it enough to be able to see the difference between poop and grinds. They do not look the same close up at all

  28. So a minimum hour condition is something partners wanted. It’s not possible to make everyone happy but that was an overwhelming ask partners had

  29. You don’t have to pay for this information; but you won’t be able to copy them exactly (the frap especially will be nearly impossible) and our whips are made with a charger so while you can recreate the recipe you’ll most likely have to deal with it being a whipped cream you scoop. All syrups are Starbucks brand so you won’t be able to buy most of them. We CAN sell vanilla (and sf vanilla), caramel, and classic if the store has excess but it’s up to each store individually.

  30. You can purchase the whip canisters we use and the chargers on Amazon.

  31. Idk that's kinda like the salaried manager splitting tips with waiters who live off them...

  32. It’s very real because Starbucks is very female leaning, like I’ve been in stores where it’s like staff of 25 and only 3 guys. This line hits home

  33. Cup fund, and call LifeWorks. They might be able to put you in contact with other resources

  34. Some real talk here, your SM was using a policy loophole to get rid of you. Texting isn't considered "official" work communication, so if you called out only using texts, they can just point to that and say that even with the text message, without a phone call it's NCNS.

  35. If the person proves that there was discrimination you can also request a transfer and more than likely they will not advise placing the partner back at that store anyway. They are not going to force the partner back into a situation

  36. the manager has had a history of being racist (I’m a black woman) so I don’t think so and yeah the stranger part is true

  37. Make sure to bring this to prsc. When you call have examples of this prepared and witnesses or proof. You need to say you believe you were fired as an act of discrimination.

  38. Mine was when she left, my least favourite was when she came back.

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