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  1. I dont understand the problem with playing on keyboard. I can understand the weird keybinds but they are not that hard besides its much harder for me to play on controller. Would anyone like to give me their take on why it is hard?

  2. Beat the game, beat NG+, beat NG++ with 35 vigor and got Plat. I'm 45 years old...

  3. That's why i always ask for a link, no one has been able to provide one yet. The one time they did it was already downvoted to oblivion. I mean if people are going to go check highly downvoted comments they are definitely gonna find alot of stupid shit.


  5. Nope just once. Died... said "That makes sense"... took a bong rip and moved on.

  6. Don't worry. Thing's will change when you're 40. Like for instance you'll be 40 !

  7. Nah I'm pretty content with my life. A wife and kids seems like too much work. Fuck them kids

  8. Exactly fuck kids. Part of the reason I retired at 41... 45 now. Now I just get high, game, kayak and got to skate park (yes I still skate at 45).

  9. You’re out here with 1000 Malenia kills and I’m sitting here after getting killed by her 112 times in a row

  10. Oh, look, mimic and cheese weapon! Lets hurry everyone and use it! That will definitely give one a sense of accomplishment

  11. Don't care. It was my second attempt on her, didn't know BB was cheese, still don't care...

  12. ...still got time to come to other people exchanging about how hard she was just to brag about your cheese and wave your video around like ppl really needed it here.

  13. What I do when I take a shit is my buisness. Go play internet tough guy somewhere else child lol.

  14. Yeah... ill destroy Amazon vans but I refuse to trash my vehicle, pay for fuel and be directly employed by Amazon.

  15. 15 bags and less than 40 overflow? That's not even 2 full walls of 9.

  16. I dont think you can legally be recorded without express consent in a lot of states.

  17. It's in the fine print and you agreed to it somewhere down the line.

  18. As soon as you start working for amazon you certainly are in a bad position because there is no breaks and they just care about numbers. I don't think Amazon will ever change, the cost to make this job better and to fix the services like the DNR missing package problem means spending way more than Amazon envisioned.

  19. No breaks? Is that why I spend at least 30 minutes at home (I moved to our delivery area by design) on lunch even when I had a route?

  20. Both of these customers have always had the cone and gate just simply because they don't want to risk delivery trucks hitting something/running something over

  21. Wow, they don't want people to damage their property by driving on it? What assholes. You should definitely take a picture of their place and then post it online.

  22. Fuck the homeowner for caring about their property am I right?

  23. Fun fact... the number 1 food most doctors avoid like the plague besides sugar (specifically anything with HFCS like soda) is processed meat (hot dogs, sausage, sandwich meat... pretty much anything with sodium nitrates or other sodium peservatives).

  24. I come from a family of doctors. I'll go with them over some dude on YouTube trying to make money.

  25. No they won't. Been here going on 4 years. Always do 30-40 stops an hour walking back when I had routes (sweep now). We are in a densely suburban area and I would have the same routes everyday for over a year or more.

  26. You would be wrong. Amazon actually doesn't make most of its money from delivering... but from AWS.

  27. Malenia in Elden Ring would like a word with you, but I mostly agree with you

  28. I waltzed in with Blasphemous Blade and killed her on my second attempt.

  29. I agree, though there is a fundamental gap between the two; Cuphead sets you up fight bosses over and over, and that‘s essentially the only thing you do in the game. So they set it up conveniently. You never lose progress or have to trek across some dangerous witch-fucked ruins in search of a boss only to be frustratingly knocked off a cliff by a gigantic rogue teapot whose century-old sleep you just disturbed. Instead, you just fight the boss and die and click restart and die again, etc. for 20 attempts until you beat the boss.

  30. Funny... us Souls fans find Souls games mentally relaxing and exciting.

  31. Collectibles have shown to be a much better investment than any real investment ive come across, lol.

  32. I’ve been with my DSP for Over a year, so has half my team - let me clarify. BAD drivers don’t last past peak, they hire 40-50 new workers for PEAK. So when peak is over, the drivers that didn’t make the cut, are cut, the turnover rate is as high as it is for that reason stand-alone, coupled with injuries. This job is demanding, but not all DSP are shit, and I’d go to war for mine. We all friends, pretty close at that, at least the ones who are here after peak. Prime week coming up, same song and dance, we just hired 4-5 new drivers, all of whom will likely be terminated by end of July. And drivers quit because this generation doesn’t have any work ethic. I sound like my father but seriously I finish my 190+ by 5pm and my team don’t leave till 1130 first stop 1230, I’m home in bed by 6 getting paid for 8. I can’t complain, nor can I sympathize with a lazy delivery driver…

  33. We hired 1 dude for peak. Our sweepers folded back into routes. After peak we went back to sweeping. I train for our DSP. He was the only 1 I have trained in 8 months.

  34. You're in the very fortunate minority. We had 7 new drivers a week with 7 or 8 gone as routes started disappearing. The whole station experienced it.

  35. Oh I know. Gotta shop for a good DSP. They exist but you have to hunt.

  36. Honestly, I hate it here. I specifically live in LA and the cost of living here is stupefying. I can’t believe Amazon pays more in other states. Do you think it’s because of the dsp?

  37. Whoa. What’s your states min wage and housing cost look like? I live in CA and we barely get $16.50

  38. They really aren't a big deal. I barely remeber its there.

  39. It’s bad enough that we gotta take a picture and half the time the rabbits are fucked so that takes up more time

  40. What do you mean walls of 9? I’m still tryna master my packing of my bags. I use my slide door religiously even tho it’s heavy smh. Pls help me

  41. If you use the slide door walls of 9 can't help you because it makes the slide door unusable. It's for driver door delivery peeps.

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