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  1. His improv isn’t anything special. It’s just stupid stream of consciousness shit that just about anyone can do.

  2. Yeah look at me yeah I’m another improv guy. Wooo doin improv and trying… trying to come up with things that sound funny. Yeah funny… funny things like, uh, look, i put a hat on a chair! See that, the chairs wearing a hat. Yeaaaaahhh hat chair. It’s a… it’s a chair with a hat. And a cane. It’s a chair with a hat and it’s missing a leg so it uses a cane. Yeahhh im a hat chair improv guy

  3. You’re wearing the same shirt in two photos and no shirt in the other two lol. I suggest adding some variety - as another user mentioned, maybe a photo of you dressed nicely, or with a group of friends.

  4. The fifth and sixth signatures are “Irmagard”. I assume that ‘Irmgard’ was their name, but they were often called ‘Irma’, too.

  5. I was just panicking about that 5 minutes ago and had finally started to calm down so thanks

  6. I cuddle with a stuffed animal. Shes stuffed with cat meat and bones and sometimes when i wake up in the morning she’s gone

  7. I got incredibly concerned for a minute there

  8. Definitely my favorite by a mile. I would watch whatever was on but nothing beat trying to sneak in some george lopez without waking up my parents. I had such a crush on the daughter

  9. First time I heard “we rescued him” or “he’s a rescue” I was thinking like they ran into a burning building or something.

  10. When i first got my first cat I would tell people I got her and they would say “you BOUGHT a cat?? Like from a breeder??" and i would say no no i got her from a shelter and they would be like "oh so you RESCUED her" and i was like… no. i went to a shelter and got in line to pay them $100 for a random kitten in a big pile of identical kittens

  11. Took me a solid 10 seconds to notice there was a second woman in this video oops

  12. Why is 1 Large 1-topping pizza + 2 drinks $19.99 but 1 Large 1-topping pizza + 2 drinks is also $25.99?? 😂

  13. This is were I feel like the show fails a little bit. This is a horrific scene were hundreds of innocent people are killed essentially just so Rhaenys can make a cool entrance and a statement to the greens about how much power she still has.

  14. To me, while i definitely felt the #yasqueen moment, it was more about the contrast to her conversation with alicent. Alicent was trying to avoid war, whereas rhaenys is making a statement thats shes fine with war if it means supporting rhaenyras claim

  15. The greens declared war with the coronation. Did you miss the part when Otto wants to have Rhaenyra and her children murdered, and tells Westerling to take guards to Dragonstone? I guess you missed it. Alicent was trying to manipulate Rhaenys while she held her as a prisoner.

  16. I didnt say they didnt. I just said that was how the conversation went on the surface and how i felt like it related. You need to chill and not antagonize people over the internet about a tv show

  17. I drank from the cup once. Can't recommend.

  18. I couldn't find the episode where Beth hooked up with space beath for a while week on YouTube TV. I thought I was going crazy when everyone else was talking about a new episode.

  19. YouTube TV fucked up that episode release. I ended up watching it on an illegal site

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