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  1. Using a shovel where you knock ‘em down, then splat and one shot them flat in the head. Very fun method.

  2. I've been there, hope it'll improve in time.

  3. I had this happen during the apocalypse challenge. Scared the loving bejesus out of me

  4. We’re not supposed to look inside microwaves? I always would just stare intimidatingly at my food and pretended that I was cooking it with my mind

  5. What I did was drop the lighter then pick it up and try lighting it again, it works for me but I don’t know if it would work for you as well

  6. The Rain Formerly Known As Purple has basically ensured sky meadow is my favourite stage in the game. Although you're right, Con Lentitude Ponderosa is a great song.

  7. The final levels soundtrack for Risk of Rain 2 hits so hard, damn it’s so good and is the perfect mood setter for the game

  8. God knows how many people are staring at you. People are scary, don’t stay out for long and ALWAYS keep to yourself.

  9. Art I made for a friend of mine. I really like how it turned out. Besides that, I’ve got a midterm tomorrow so hopefully I pass it.

  10. According to the “rules” of this subreddit I’m not allowed to post gore even if I censor it. Feel free to check my twitter out at @offsetcivical if you want to see all of my artwork (most of it is pretty violent though so content warning before you check it out btw) but I post pretty much all my art on there.

  11. Gore/self harm, gato slashing his guts wide open so they spill out with a sharp piece of glass. I’m pretty certain that counts as something that should have a spoiler warning in case people don’t want to see something that violent.

  12. My favorite vent art I’ve made so far. I like how I drew the machete and this is one of the few times I’ve experimented with gory draws.

  13. About coms. I don’t do those, I have no payment method at the moment sadly. However I will take payment in nitro, tf2 cosmetics/keys, or whatever you’re willing to pay. Hell don’t even pay me, I’ll do art requests if you want. I don’t guarantee anything and payment is always after the work is done in order to insure the buyer/asker doesn’t lose anything since I take a while to do art.

  14. Made for a friend who had to deal with a lot at the time.

  15. One of the beginnings to the phase where I would “bibically accuratize” my characters. Fucking them up and giving them extra features, eyes, and body parts. This guy seems to be doing fine I hope.

  16. Forgot to mention, this was around an interesting period in my life. I love drawing cats and I don’t think I’ll stop drawing them anytime soon ;)

  17. Finally, a distinguished gentleman. I’d say I really am proud of this one as well, he just looks so damn cute! This is the draw that sort of got me into drawing mostly cats.

  18. I’ll be posting my art as often as I can (without spamming it at least)

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