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  1. The irony because didn't he go after Ron Funches over a joke that involved Billie Starkz?.

  2. She dropped an entire documentary of youtube with over a dozen wrestlers, it has thousands of views. She absolutely does have a professional relationship with a bunch of wrestlers.

  3. This young lady is very popular on twitter, everyone knows that she’s a child. She’s built her name off of being extremely young and pumping out wrestling media content. Ruby Soho helped her announce her college decision to thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets. There’s absolutely no way he did not know her age. This is just gross.

  4. What? RnM were on the JBP for YEARS you saying they didn't have a fan base?

  5. Ice had 100k followers on twitter before he joined the JBP.

  6. Yes but that isn't showbusiness. Regardless ice is showing the initiative RnM never had.

  7. If you have 100k followers on twitter i’m not going to pat you on the back for getting 400 of them to watch you stream. Shout out to him for getting another bag but y’all takes are ridiculous.

  8. 212 was a fucking banger(it dropped a decade ago tho)

  9. Do enlighten me on how these aren’t just two singles competitors put together in a tag team because they have nothing else to do

  10. Because Keith Lee and Swerve tagged together for a long time on the indies….?

  11. How would a viewer know that? They have been presented on AEW television as a union of convenience, two individuals bonded by a common enemy and not longtime friends, coworkers, tag partners.

  12. A ton of wrestlers who have known Kane for decades have expressed how Kane’s tweets are breaking their hearts

  13. in the words of young nudy: look what that money make a bitch do

  14. this is an incredibly dumb narrative. He isn't the one starting fights on twitter. KD was reacting to clips taken out of context (which is fair, it happens from time to time, hard to find context on social media) and all Draymond did was clarify.

  15. He’s cringe af and his mini fro with the headband over ears is the reason he’s struggling. The armband also looks pretty dumb and plays a part as well

  16. Tony Khan is still ranting about beating Smackdown in Men 18-49, for 30 minutes, when Smackdown was on FS1. But the rando on Twitter is the one to roll your eyes at 😂

  17. NXT is proof that times are changing. Having 3-5 womens matches isn’t out of the ordinary

  18. NXT did it’s worst rating in program history when it did that 4 (or was it 5) women’s match card. It’s not going to happen again.

  19. And I see you won't be answering my questions.

  20. You said I was right, which I already know. I didn’t read the rest of your post, why would I?

  21. no...this subs infatuation with him as if hes the second coming of the rock or austin makes me laugh

  22. As a Cody fan I just want to know where all of his lovers were when I was defending his Nooj matches😭

  23. I'm glad they got the big red arrow out because I was having trouble locating the bruise

  24. Big red arrows are for the youtube algorithm, they make it easier for your video to trend.

  25. The dude said "fucking" on a live mic on primetime TV. It's not a work. They booked that segment, gave him the floor with maybe a few bulletpoints, and he shat on their faces knowing no matter what he did they'd be forced to still book him because of how over he'd be.

  26. They had the censor cued up right on time, they knew he was going to say fuck or else it would have slipped through

  27. Bud, I’m not here to tell you who to like.

  28. The majority of the reason is because wrestling fans are insane

  29. I haven’t listened to him in quite awhile, but it’s definitely something he used to do a lot for his friends and people who gave him news throughout 2020 and 2021.

  30. I like SRS’ work more than the average redditor but you are absolutely spot on. He does the same for Jordynne, Marina, Cardona, and so on. His personal relationships definitely affect his work.

  31. So you just generally liked it but can’t remember anything about it specifically … ?

  32. Huh? I enjoyed all of his matches and all of his promos. I especially liked the go home promo he cut on punk and the go home promo he cut before Page vs Cole II. I think every single one of his title defenses were top tier and him vs Takeshita was an amazing showcase match.

  33. I have no narrative. I was genuinely curious. I think he’s a terrific young talent and wish he was given better stories to work with. Especially now. Which is really what this whole topic’s about. Post Climax.

  34. The fact that you are using NY lingo in response to NY lingo that you don’t understand is fucking hilarious to me

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