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Is this a good main Tinder photo or should I use a group photo? My friend said group photos are better to use so people know I have friends lol. HELP I’m conflicted!

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I needed this today

  1. 20% of that goes as income tax 9% as NI. Effective benefit is only around £980

  2. Fucking hell, a 1k Annual payrise?

  3. Top floor of the Arnolfini has a nice space to read

  4. And the watershed. Brandon hill is quite nice too.

  5. Sounds very much like one of those bottles that really hits the nail when it's been open a few months, like Tullibardine.

  6. Half of my town in England looks like this

  7. Bristol buses have never been un-usable. I moved here more than 20 years ago, and even then, the calculation goes, if it's a 45 minute walk or less, considering the amount of time you're going to have to wait for one to turn up, just walk. It's faster, it's cheaper.

  8. No, looks like the Judean People's Front, to me.

  9. There's pretty much always a few bottles of Aberlour 12 in the bar.

  10. You should be able to find a copy on Abe Books, or maybe wob

  11. Why didn’t you just buy some yesterday it’s not like it’s a surprise that everything is closed

  12. Yes. It's very middle class/hipster. Normal people just call it bread.

  13. It's just the presumption that annoys the fuck out of me. If I want to tip, I will.

  14. We're getting a lot less tips post covid than before, so many more people are paying exclusively with card now and someone paying with card is MUCH less likely to tip.

  15. I let much always tip 10 percent. More of it was really nice service. But the tip being already on the bill just makes me hate the place and not want to come back.

  16. I wouldn't bother, a bit of noise, it's not worth the hassle, or just go round and tell them to shut the fuck up.

  17. Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  18. It's a lovely pic. Group pics are not hope good, got the host pic. I want to date you, not your friends :-)

  19. Yes it's worth investing in a bike. But make it the cheapest.. shittest looking.. most undesirable bike you can because bike theft is rife.

  20. This. If you pay more than £50 quid, you paid too much for a Bristol bike.

  21. I hope they open with plainsong. I've only seen them once, and I want to hear it again.

  22. Tape into Open would of been great to see. Theyve only ever done Plainsong when ive seen them

  23. I mean, who could be disappointed, with plainsong, as an opener?

  24. Sense of humour, well travelled, self depreciating, interesting and fun.

  25. Yeah, I do that every time, and it never arrives with salt and vinegar.

  26. In my humble opinion: Farrows on Wells Rd and The Argus on West Street.

  27. Farrows is really good, but you don't seem to be able to get salt and vinegar, when you order online.

  28. The Rat has honestly been surprisingly consistent throughout its history, and so picking up a Rat 2 or Lil' Rat will absolutely provide you the genuine Rat experience. At like $65 bucks used, it's really hard to go wrong with one of those.

  29. I have the Donner Dark Mouse and I love it.

  30. Fascination Street, and sinking for me too.

  31. I love that song. It's not my top favourite from Wish. But I think it slots in perfectly and really fits the mood of the album.

  32. I'm totally not a fan of Hermes/Evri and had plenty of issues with them, to the point that I'm not ordering from companies that I know use them.

  33. Even someone delivering parcels completely at random will occasionally guess the right house. Don't be fooled by a single experience.

  34. That was my thought too. I thought I should give them credit, for getting that one right, because, fairs fair, but I'm not going to order from that company again, now I know Evri are the delivery service.

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